Payment Information

There is no charge for consultations in the Health Care Clinic, as a student service fee is included in the tuition. Nominal fees are charged for items including, but not limited to medications, immunizations, laboratory tests, supplies, procedures, and medical records.

The Health Care Clinic accepts cash, check, Master Card (credit and debit), Visa (debit only), American Express, and Discover as payment. TAMUK students may also bill their student account for any fees incurred. The Health Care Clinic does not accept health insurance as payment for medications, immunizations, in-house laboratory services, supplies, procedures, or medical records. The Health Care Clinic does accept health insurance as payment for send-out laboratory services (details below). Please contact the Health Care Clinic for more information about pricing details.

Reduced pricing for send-out labs is passed on the student who chooses to pay directly for their laboratory services (cash, credit/debit, charge TAMUK student account).

Full laboratory prices will apply when a student utilizes their medical insurance for send-out labs. If a student desires to use their medical insurance for payment of send-out labs, their medical insurance information must be provided to the nurse at the time of the visit. This information will then be provided to the contracted outside laboratory for billing purposes. The full prices of laboratory testing will depend on the contracted outside laboratory and, of course, on the patient’s insurance. Upon submitting the insurance information to the outside laboratory, the student will then be responsible for any unpaid fees or balances. Some medical insurance may not be accepted by the contracted outside laboratory and it is the responsibility of the student to verify this prior to their laboratory visit.

Please note:

  • Beginning the last class day of the semester, students will not be able to bill their student account for services rendered at the Health Care Clinic.  Students may utilize the other payment methods noted above.
  • All college of Pharmacy students are required to make payments in full on the day services are rendered.
  • Upon request for medical records, a processing fee will be determined. Prior to receiving medical records, the patient must pay this fee in full.
  • All prices are subject to change. Students may call the clinic at 361-593-3196 to inquire about specific prices.

This page was last updated on: November 29, 2017