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Academic Recovery Program

Readmission Request - Process

Request for Readmission- a formal request in which a student asks for permission to be readmitted into their college and allowed to register for classes. Students requesting readmission acknowledge they have at least two consecutive semesters of earning less than a 2.0 GPA at TAMUK, agree to participate in the Academic Collegiate Enhancement Plan, and agree to abide by the recommendations of the Readmission Committee and their college dean.

Please follow the steps below to submit a Request for Readmission for Fall 2021:

  • Step 1: Meet with your academic advisor to get advised for the semester in which you are requesting readmission.
  • Step 2: Submit an online Request for Readmission form. Applications will be accepted until the end of the 1st class day.
  • Step 3: Wait to be notified by the ARP advisor of a decision of your request. Notifications will be sent to your phone and to your student email account.
  • Step 4: If your request is approved, you are required to participate in the Academic Collegiate Enhancement Program and satisfy all components of your Academic Success Plan.