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What to do if you are sick

COVID Testing

COVID-19 On-Campus Testing 

In effort to protect Javelina Nation, Texas A&M-Kingsville will be committed in providing the Curative’s self-collected RT–PCR COVID-19 testing on campus during the Fall 2020 semester. To stop the spread among the Javelina community, the University’s primary’s commitment will be conducting diagnostic testing on individuals (Students, Faculty, & Staff) with COVID-19 symptoms and/or exposure to COVID-19. If the campus develops moderate to substantial community transmissions and resources allow, the university may consider testing some or all asymptomatic students, faculty, and staff to identify outbreaks and notify control measures. Faculty and Staff are strongly encouraged to use their Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance benefit for free COVID 19 testing so that testing resources can be earmarked for students who cannot afford their medical expenses or are uninsured.



During the Fall 2020 semester, student’s schedules will vary and individual situations will differ. To speak with a representative of A&M-Kingsville about your tuition and fees, please email

This will be at the professors’ discretion.  Students must email the professor to ask permission to do so, explaining the reason for the request.  If a professor doesn’t respond within 72 hours, the student can forward the request to the department chair.  If the professor says no, and the student wishes to appeal the decision, this would follow the same chain as any other complaint, and the student would seek redress with the professor, and then the chair.

There is a mix of modalities available.  In some disciplines, the need for face-to-face instruction when at all possible is more important.  Students should check with their professors and chairs.  All classes will be captured in Blackboard so that students in self-quarantine will still have access to watch the class.

Students should have a plan to have access to the internet for online courses and materials. Computer labs on campus will remain available to students with proper distancing standards enforced. Students should contact professors before classes to determine if any technological equipment may be required. Students may also contact the Office of Student Access to inquire about laptops and other items they loan to students.

As a result of the changing landscape in higher education, Texas A&M University-Kingsville now requires students to have access to an appropriate computer to complement course instruction. Minimum computer specifications are listed below. Most computers purchased in the past few years should meet the minimum standards.

Minimum requirements are:

  • Processor Intel i5 8th generation processor or equivalent
  • Memory 8GM of RAM
  • Hard drive 256 GM storage system
  • Screen size 13-inch

Additional requirements include an integrated webcam and Wi-Fi capability.

Google Chromebooks are NOT recommended because integrated software in Blackboard Learn is not supported.


Students should opt to live on campus so that they can build lasting friendships with others on campus. While in dorms, residents have full-time professional staff on campus to assist and advise them. Living on campus will also help students gain familiarity with the history of our beautiful campus, and give them access to the dining facilities, labs, library, and the student recreation center. Students who live in residence halls often have enhanced leadership skills and are able to immerse themselves in campus events and activities.

Students whose room assignments have been confirmed will be sent email notification on June 29-July 1.

On July 20 all students will receive an e-mail with a link to fill out their hall registration paperwork on-line. The student will receive:

  • Hall Registration Form

  • Student Health Form

  • COVID-19 Acknowledgement Form

  • Link to the Residence Life Guidebook for hall information and rules will also be included

Once the student has completed and submitted all three forms to UHRL, they will receive a link to sign-up for a check-in date and time. Check-in dates are Thursday, August 20th through Sunday, August 23rd. Available check-in times will be from 8:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m. where 10 students will be allowed to sign-up per hour per hall. NO ONE IS ALLOWED TO SHOW UP WITHOUT A CHECK-IN DATE AND TIME.


Where to report on Check-In Day:

Residents of Mesquite Village West and Lynch Hall will check-in in parking lot I. Residents of Lucio Hall and Martin Hall will check-in in parking lot K.


Check-In Process:

The system will work by driving up to the tent and giving the staff their name. The student will be issued their room key and will go to their assigned hall to unload and get set-up for the semester. Only two other persons may accompany the student into the building at any time while unloading. All persons must wear a face covering and abide by social distancing guidelines.

No. However, students are asked to do daily self-assessments and check for potential COVID-19 symptoms:

· Fever or chills

· Cough

· Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing

· Fatigue

· Muscle or body ache

· New loss of taste or smell

· Sore throat

· Congestion or runny nose

· Nausea or vomiting

· Diarrhea

· Headache

If a COVID-19 virus case is confirmed of a student living in a residence hall, the University will notify the Texas State Department of Health and work with them to coordinate a response. In addition to placing the affected student in isolation, the University will assist with preliminary contact tracing to determine others who have had close contact with the student. Those students will be contacted, and in coordination with the University and the Department of Public Health, arrangements will be made for them to get tested for the virus. The affected student rooms will be secured and scheduled to be disinfected.

If a student tests positive for COVID-19 they must self-isolate; if a student has been in close contact with a positive case they must self-quarantine and self-monitor for 14 days in accordance with CDC and Department of Health guidance. Students who must self-isolate or self-quarantine will be encouraged to return home or to their off-campus apartment. Students unable to return home, or who reside on campus can comply by staying in the Bishop or Turner Halls, where sections have been converted to quarantine/isolation space.

Individuals will be assigned a room, asked to bring sufficient clothing for the duration, and may not have visitors. Internet service is available so they may continue their studies. Students must self-monitor their symptoms and check their temperature twice daily during their quarantine/isolation period. In addition, representatives from Student Health & Wellness will periodically check-in with the students during this time.

Our custodial services will disinfect all public areas as soon as feasible and individual student rooms secured and disinfected in anticipation of their return.

To maintain social distancing, we are limiting the number of persons accessing the halls at one time. Each student will be allowed to have two people help them move into the residence halls (students will be given wrist bands at the check-in tent for the helpers to wear). There will not be any additional help for students. There will not be any dollies or carts loaned out for check-in to prevent the potential transference of germs.

Yes, in accordance with campus rules, all persons must wear face coverings inside all university facilities, including the residence halls and outside if social distancing cannot be maintained.

There are no quarantine/isolation guidelines prior to move-in, however, all students are required to complete a form prior to arrival for Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 certifying that:

· They do not have a diagnosis or suspected case of coronavirus;

· That they are currently not exhibiting symptoms associated with COVID-19 listed on the CDC webpage

· Have not had close (less than six feet) contact with anyone that has a lab-confirmed case of COVID-19 in the past 14 days; and

· In the last 14 days have not returned from travel or traveled through an area with state or local travel restrictions that mandate quarantine upon arrival.

All assigned on-campus students will be sent an email on Monday, 7/20/20, to inform them of the new check-in process for Fall Semester 2020. The students will be required to submit 3 online forms: COVID 19 Acknowledgement Form, Hall Registration Form, and the Emergency Health Form, located on our website. Once the UHRL office receives and processes all 3 forms, an additional email will be sent to the student allowing them to schedule their date and time slot for check-in.

Yes, at this time all students will have roommates assigned.

We will not allow early arrivals. The only exceptions will be accepted Pharmacy School Students and documented Student Teachers whose schedules are different from the university’s academic schedule.

SSC will clean all public bathrooms twice per day with touch-up cleaning as necessary. Other public areas swept and cleaned once a day with touch up cleaning as needed. Trash will be removed once a day. High touch areas in the halls (stair rails, counters, elevator buttons, etc.) will be cleaned frequently.

All public bathrooms will have soap, water, and paper dispensers. Hand sanitizers will be placed in all main entrances and in common areas throughout our halls. Each student is strongly encouraged to have sanitizing products and wipes of their own for use in their individual rooms and bathrooms.

If you become sick with COVID-19 symptoms or think you may have been in contact with someone who had COVID-19 (even if you do not have symptoms), you should remain in your room and immediately contact a residence hall staff member by phone for assistance, or the University Police Department (361) 593-2611 if it is an emergency. Please put on a face covering before help arrives.

In coordination with the University and the Department of Public Health, arrangements will be made for you to also get tested for the virus and remain in quarantine. If you are unable to go home, you will be placed in quarantine in University housing for the stipulated period of time until cleared by a doctor. You may not attend class in person, work, or have visitors. Meals will be delivered to your room while in quarantine.

Our custodial services will disinfect your room in anticipation of your return.

In coordination with the university and the department of public health, arrangements will be made for you to also get tested for the virus and remain in quarantine. If you are unable to go home, you will be placed in quarantine in University housing for the stipulated period of time until cleared by a doctor. You may not attend class in person, work, or have visitors. Meals will be delivered to your room while in quarantine.

Our custodial services will disinfect your room in anticipation of your return.

To mitigate the risk of the spread of infectious diseases, students are strongly encouraged to take personal responsibility for the health and safety of themselves and others by complying with these physical distancing guidelines.

  • Roommates can be in closer proximity to one another. Otherwise, students must practice social distancing (stay six feet apart).
  • Common spaces will be labeled with the maximum number of occupants, which will represent a reduction in the number of people allowed inside at any one time. For small study rooms and laundry rooms in some buildings, this will be one at a time.
  • At Lucio Hall and Mesquite Village West, only 2 people will be allowed in elevators at a time. During move-in, we will allow 3 people as long as they are from the same family unit/group.
  • The number of in-room/suite visitors at one time will be limited. The number of students allowed to visit in a room/suite is based on the hall style and room layout:
    • Lynch Hall and Martin Hall-May only have the occupants of the room plus one guest. If you have a Private Room issued to you then you may have the one occupant of the room plus up to 2 guests.
    • Lucio Hall and Mesquite Village West-May each have one guest in their individual bedroom. There cannot be more than 2 people in the common area at one time (this includes residents and guests) unless it is in passing going and coming from the room.
  • Guests can only be other residence hall TAMUK students. You will not be allowed to host off-campus TAMUK students or non-TAMUK students in your room. Immediate family members will be allowed only for short-term visits or to pick-up a student should they become ill. The only exception to the visitation guidelines will be during move-in and check-out when students have others assisting them.
    • No overnight guests/visitors will be allowed.
    • Depending on public health information and community spread, visitation, in general, may be limited or suspended.
  • Students will be expected to maintain a basic level of cleanliness in their residence hall rooms by disinfecting and sanitizing their area. See helpful cleaning tips at

Students who fail to cooperate with the community standards identified by University Housing & Residence Life may be subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination of their residence hall contract and/or suspension from the university. Every reasonable effort will be made to gain voluntary cooperation from a student before engaging in the formal disciplinary process.

Yes, ONLY if the residence halls are mandated to close. University Housing and Residence Life intends to operate the entire semester in accordance with state and local public health guidelines and University policy. Should the need arise and classes move to online content delivery only, the halls will continue to remain open. If the student elects to move out, while the halls are still open, they will not receive a refund/credit.

Yes. University Housing and Residence Life intends to operate the entire semester in accordance with state and local public health guidelines and university policy. Should the need arise and classes move to online content delivery only, the halls will continue to remain open.

The UHRL Office will allow anyone to cancel without penalty if all their classes are online. To cancel all the student needs to do is email our office at,, with the following information: Full Name, K#, Semester Cancelling For, and the Reason why. Once the enrollment information is verified, a credit /refund will be processed.

Campus dining will operate in accordance with state and local health guidelines in effect at the time, which at the present is take out only. All food stations will be served by staff. All dining staff will receive COVID-19 training. Barrier controls have been installed, as well as social distancing signage and floor markings. Guests should use designated entrance and exit pathways and must wear face coverings. In the fall, students are encouraged to refer to the ARAMARK Food Service website for weekly menus, locations and latest announcements:

We will not have Health & Safety Inspections in the Residence Halls during the Fall Semester 2020.

Yes, but we will have to follow CDC Guidelines which limit seating, following social distancing rules and required wearing of face coverings in those areas.

Yes, regular room maintenance repairs will be made by SSC. To report maintenance repair concerns, residents should contact the hall front desk by phone or can report on-line at

SSC checks their personnel’s temperatures daily; their workforce is required to wear face coverings; they are escorted to student rooms by student staff members at all times. SSC staff have also received additional instructions forCOVID-19 cleaning procedures.

Yes, students will still be allowed to have Emotional Support Animals (ESA) in the residence halls, if their request has been approved by the Disability Resource Center (DRC). There will not be any additional paperwork required outside of the paperwork that is submitted to the DRC and University Housing & Residence Life. Please DO NOT bring your ESA to campus unless you have already gone through the approval process and your request is officially approved.

This will be the case unless the CDC or other agencies adjust ADA guidelines or make other recommendations that students should not bring their ESA to campus.

No, students have the responsibility for cleaning their own room with their own cleaning supplies during the semester.

Yes, but each student must follow the safety rules for cooking and clean up after each kitchen use. Kitchen users must follow CDC Guidelines which limit seating, compliance with social distancing rules, and required wearing of face coverings in those areas.

No. University Housing and Residence Life intends to operate the entire semester in accordance with state and local public health guidelines and university policy. Should the need arise, students remaining on campus will be notified by email on the process for notifying UHRL of continuing their enrollment in the residence halls.

Students with online schedules who wish to live off-campus must fill out an exception form. University Housing and Residence Life will verify that all classes are online before granting the housing release.

Housing assignment letters and emails have and are going out. On July 20, students will get a link for move-in paperwork which will need to be filled out. They should submit that paperwork back to university online.

Once move-in paperwork is returned, within 24 hours students will get a link which will allow them to sign-up for a move-in day and time. The move-in days are Thursday-Sunday, August 20-23 running from 8:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m.

This fall, move-in day will be a remote drive-through check-in process. This will occur in the large parking lots at the new intramural complex fields located off of Avenue B. There will be 4 drive-through lines, one for each hall. Students will get a 10-minute check-in slot. Housing advisors will check the student in and then deliver their room key. After receiving the key, residents should go directly to their hall to move in.

Football and Javelina Camp students will move out of Turner & Bishop Halls, one and two days prior to August 20-23, and go to their assigned rooms.