Graduating with Honors

University Latin Medals

The medals awarded at the Academic Achievement Ceremony are to be worn at commencement. These awards are calculated based on the grade point average and completed semester hours of the semester prior to the semester of graduation.

On Commencement Day, the University holds an Academic Achievement Ceremony (AAC) where the medals will be awarded.  This is a separate ceremony from Commencement.  Invite your family and friends to attend!

Electronic email invitations to the AAC will be sent approximately a month before Commencement Day.  The email will be from the Honors College (who hosts the ceremony on behalf of the University). The invitation is sent to the email.  Please RSVP electronically by clicking on that option.  PLEASE reply to the invitation. 

The Academic Achievement Ceremony is held in Jones Auditorium on Fall and Spring Commencement Days, and in Ballroom A of the MSUB for the August Commencement Day.  The time is determined after the Commencement ceremonies are set and will be announced in the invitation and on J-Net.**  However, the timing of the AAC will be such that students (and their families) will be able to attend the Commencement ceremonies on time.

Students do not wear their cap and gown to the Academic Achievement Ceremony.  However, they should dress nicely.  The student will go across a stage, get their medal and certificate, and shake hands with the University President and Provost.  Pictures can be taken afterward with the University banner.

*If after your final TAMUK semester is calculated and you are then eligible to receive a University Latin Medal or a different category medal, please bring your final transcript to Mesquite Village West, room 104 to exchange your medal.

** Students who do not attend the Academic Achievement Ceremony can pick up their medal at Mesquite Village West, room 104 starting the Monday after Commencement. 

If you need any more assistance or need to contact the Honors College click here