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The Graduate Curriculum Proposal submission and approval process is online and the process begins with the Department Chairperson. In addition, the department chairperson will be able to check where a specific graduate curriculum proposal is in the process. If at any time in the process a proposal is disapproved, comments will be sent back to the chairperson. After revisions are made, the Chairperson will need to re-submit the proposal via workflow.


When accessing our forms remember to always use what is published on the website and never what has been saved to a desktop. These forms are living documents that change when we need to capture new data and remain compliant with the new standards.

Dr. Hua Li

Dr. Michael Cherry 

Dr. Ari Sherris

Dr. Ambrose Anoruo

Dr. Weimin Xi

Dr. Jesse Orth

This Graduate Studies PDF form is a dynamic PDF, and don't behave quite the same as other PDFs.  Please save these files to your computer, open your PDF software application, and in the application, go to File->Open, and navigate to where the form is saved, and select it.  If you double click on it, your computer will likely give you an error message like this one:

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If you have difficulty with these forms or need additional assistance, please call 361-593-2809 or email to set up an appointment so we can help.

Graduate Curriculum Proposal and Identifier / Routing Sheet