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If the information you are seeking cannot be found in any of the reports already available, please take a moment to fill out this Data Request Form for specific data. Please be sure to complete all fields and include a detailed description of your request. The data you provide will be used to generate a report for the use in which it is intended.


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REQUEST - Please include any selection criteria, such as classification = freshman, as well as time period, such as Fall 2007 or academic year 2006-2007. List the information needed, such as Name, Student ID, GPA, or Permanent Address. Also describe the layout and grouping information, such as sorted by ethnicity.


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On June 8, 1925, South Texas State Normal College opened its doors for classes with 114 students....The first commencement exercise was held in May 1927 with EIGHT degrees being granted.....Fall of 2006 consisted of 6699 students....The Fall graduating class of 2006 consisted of 557 graduates.....Hispanic graduation rate went from 20.2% in Fall 1999 to 30.4% in Fall 2006.


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