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Grant awarded to engineering professor for epidemiology research

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A grant awarded to a Texas A&M University-Kingsville professor will contribute to research in diseases and how to control it from spreading.

Dr. Maleq Khan, assistant professor with the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, will receive $100,790 for collaborative research.

A summary of the award states the goal of the project is to “advance the state of the art in the distributed computation of large-scale graph problems that arise in computational epidemiology and contagion dynamics.”

The grant is funded through the National Science Foundation and the University of Virginia.

“At the onset of any epidemic, and during the annual flu season, epidemiologists and public health officials are concerned with understanding how the disease spreads and who is likely to get infected, where it originated, and how to control its spread quickly,” the summary reads.

Mathematical models are used for studying the diseases, but more problems arise when it comes to analyzing the graphs.

The graphs used include large designs with a number of parameters, leading to hundreds of thousands of graph computations, according to the award summary.

The project studies distributed algorithms for graph connectivity, distances, shortest paths, subgraph properties and centrality measures.

The summary states the end goal is to “improve the efficiency of the specific tools used in our applications and enable more sophisticated analyses.”

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