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Conner Museum exhibit features mosaics by South Texas artist, alumna

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KINGSVILLE (October 22, 2019) — Visitors to the John E. Conner Museum at Texas A&M University-Kingsville will be taken on a journey provided by their new exhibit A Journey to Elsieland: Mosaic Art of Elsie Reichenbacher. The exhibit will be on display through Saturday, Dec. 14. Admission to the museum and the exhibit is free.

A Journey to Elsieland features 40 examples of mosaics created by the South Texas artist and university alumna in a variety of mediums and reflecting a variety of subjects. Reichenbacher has been a resident of Corpus Christi since graduating summa cum laude with a bachelor’s degree in music from Texas A&I University in 1974.

Both her love of music and her faith are reflected in her art. She uses the wooden bodies of guitars and violins as a canvas for her mosaics that combine music and art. Reichenbacher’s spiritual faith is reflected, not only in her religious pieces, but also in subtle ways throughout her secular art.

One of the pieces in the display, Maori Longhorn 2013, contains Christian iconography among the symbols resembling Maori tattoos, incorporated in the front of the skull are the chalice and the host, elements of the sacrament of communion.

“Mosaics are unique in the manner that they capture and reflect light differently than a conventional painting,” said Jonathan Plant, museum director. “There is vibrancy and a glow inherent in each piece.”

Created exclusively for this exhibit is Santa Gertrudis 2015, a portrait of the 13th Century nun whose name graces the creek that provided water for the King Ranch and one of the Catholic parishes that serves the Kingsville community.

Reichenbacher has generously pledged to donate half of the proceeds from the sale of this piece to the Conner Museum. “We greatly appreciate Elsie’s support of the Conner Museum. As an alumna of the university, her donation has extra significance, it’s a way of giving back to the university,” said Plant.

The Conner Museum is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. For more information, please call 361-593-2810.


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