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Bain selected as president-elect for counseling association

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            KINGSVILLE (June 13, 2019) — Dr. Steve Bain, interim dean of the College of Education and Human Performance at Texas A&M University-Kingsville, was recently selected as president-elect of the European Branch of the American Counseling Association (EB-ACA).


            As president-elect, Bain starts a three-year rotation that includes president-elect, president and past-president. The past-president chairs the nomination committee and coordinates all convention activities.


            Bain said the president-elect takes over if the president is absent, develops the association programs for the year and chairs both professional development and the Annual Conference.


            “I see this position as an ideal opportunity to advocate for the mental health of citizens in rural and urban settings on an international scale,” Bain said. “This position will afford me the opportunity to advance the mission of the European Branch of the American Counseling Association.


            “It also will provide a platform to highlight the work of researchers, faculty and students at Texas A&M-Kingsville as they address issues, policies and resources related to mental health throughout our region, state, nation and world,” he said. 


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