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Winners from 13th Javelina Research Symposium listed

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KINGSVILLE (May 21, 2019) — Texas A&M University-Kingsville hosted the 13th Javelina Research Symposium this spring semester.


            The winners in the undergraduate category were


First place: Francheska Garcia, a senior psychology major from Kingsville. Mentor: Dr. Richard Miller; Project: The Effects of Religiosity and Parenting Styles on Body Dysmorphic Disorder


Second place: Cristian Toren, a junior chemical engineering major from Corpus Christi. Mentor: Dr. Alberto Lopez-Manriquez; Project: Two Phase Flow


Third place: Jessica Gonzalez, a senior kinesiology major from Corpus Christi. Mentor: Dr. Amber Shipherd; Project: Body Esteem in College Students: The Influence of Psychosocial and Demographic Variables


            The winners in the master’s degree category were


First place: Nnana Edmund, a plant and soil science major from Nigeria. Mentor: Dr. Ambrose Anoruo; Project: Effects of Superabsorbent Polymer-Soil Interaction on Plant Growth, Development, Water Use Efficiency and Soil Leachate


Second place: Jemilade Longe, an electrical engineering student from Nigeria. Mentor: Dr. Gahangir Hossain; Project: A Novel and Improved Implementation of Image Steganography Via DCT Compression


Third place: Kaitlyn Garcia, a chemistry major from Rockport. Mentor: Dr. Christine Hahn; Project: Studies on Various Reaction Parameters to Increase Efficiency of the Palladium Catalyzed Hydroarylation of Acetylene


            The winners in the doctoral degree category were


First Place: Srikanth Bashetty, a sustainable energy systems engineering major from India. Mentor: Dr. XueWei Zhang; Project: Optimal Planning of Battery-Powered Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Network


Second Place: Aramide Akintunde, an environmental engineering major from Nigeria. Mentor: Dr. David Ramirez; Project: Applications of the Membrane Contactor Technology in Air Quality Field-A Review


Third Place: Abdullah Al Hadi, a sustainable energy systems engineering major from Bangladesh. Mentor: Dr. Rajab Challoo; Project: Design and Simulation of Solid-State Transformer



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