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College of Business Administration ranked high for business analytics program

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          KINGSVILLE (November 7, 2018) — The College of Business Administration at Texas A&M University-Kingsville got word recently that their online MBA program had received yet another stellar ranking.


            This time the business analytics certificate, that is an option for those taking the program, was singled out as one of the best in the United States by It was the only program in Texas to be ranked and not every state was represented in Top Online MBAs in Business Analytics for 2019-2020.


            The business analytics option is offered as a graduate transcripted certificate that can be earned in tandem with the highly-respected MBA offered through the College of Business Administration.


            “When business analytics came on the scene and promised a new, more intelligent way of informing business decisions, it seemed like every business school rushed in to fill the space, cobbling on courses offered through their computer science departments to quickly add a new MBA focus to their catalog,” said. “Texas A&M-Kingsville took a decidedly different approach, one that better reflects the precision of data analytics.


            “Covering topics like data warehousing, visualization and predictive analytics, the sequence includes the kind of courses you’d find in the nation’s best data science programs. And as you would expect from a program that is all about putting technology to work to maximize accuracy and efficiency, the entire course sequence is offered 100 percent online,” they continued.

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