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Texas A&M-Kingsville professor named to important NCAA committee

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Dr. Manuel Flores, communications professor and NCAA Faculty Athletics Representative at Texas A&M University-Kingsville, was recently appointed to the NCAA’s Minority Opportunities and Interests Committee (MOIC). His term will continue through August 2021.

 “This is an important committee for the NCAA and I am honored to be on the table to discuss the many activities and options available for today’s student-athlete,” Flores said.

“I want to be able to represent the voice of all athletes and minorities, but I am particularly interested in being a voice for Hispanic and Mexican-American athletes,” he said. “I feel that with my background, I will be able to contribute in these areas.

“The NCAA is an empowering institution that allows all athletes to excel in their chosen sport. I want to be able to celebrate the diversity of our athletes and to add its acceptance,” Flores said. “I want to be able to continue the progress women student-athletes have made under Title IX. We will work to ensure that none of that progress is lost.”

“Now that the NCAA Division II has voted to allow university teams from Mexico to apply for membership in our conference, I feel that my experience in that area will help at all levels,” Flores added.

The MOIC reviews issues related to the interests of ethnic minority student-athletes, NCAA minority programs and NCAA policies that affect ethnic minorities. It is an 18-member committee which includes six members from each of the three NCAA divisions.


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