Texas A&M University-Kingsville Texas A&M-Kingsville professor publishes book on India-Pakistan arms issues
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Texas A&M-Kingsville professor publishes book on India-Pakistan arms issues

Posted on Friday, September 23, 2016

Dr. Mario E. Carranza, political science professor at Texas A&M University-Kingsville, has recently published his latest book on nuclear arms in South Asia. His book, India-Pakistan Nuclear Diplomacy: Constructivism and the Prospects for Nuclear Arms Control and Disarmament in South Asia, was published by Rowman & Littlefield and is available by major book sellers.

Aaron Karp, senior lecturer in the department of political science at Old Dominion University said, “Carranza has written the most innovative assessment of South Asian nuclearization ever. Here at last the region has been released from the realist stranglehold,” he said. “The result is the first completely persuasive explanation of why and how South Asian nuclear dangers can be averted. It is a book of great importance for South Asian nuclear policy and for nuclear studies everywhere.”

 “Not only is this the best available guide to arcane academic debate between and among the pseudo-realists—who cannot agree on what ‘realism’ actually means—but it is a wise and important guide to formulating policies that will contain and possibly reverse the frightening global expansion of nuclear weapons,” said Stephen P. Cohen, senior fellow at The Brookings Institution.

Carranza has authored three other books, South Asian Security and International Nuclear Order: Creating a Robust Indo-Pakistani Nuclear Arms Control Regime (Farnham, UK: Ashgate, 2009; South American Free Trade Area or Free Trade Area of the Americas?: Open Regionalism and the Future of Regional Economic Integration in South America (Aldershot, UK: Ashgate, 2000) and Fuerzas Armadas y Estado de Excepción en América Latina (Mexico: Siglo Veintiumo, 1978).

Carranza received his doctorate in political science from University of Chicago in 1987. As professor in the department of history, political science and philosophy, he teaches The Government and Politics of the United States, World Politics, International Relations, Comparative Politics, International Organization, International Law and Nuclear Proliferation and U.S. Non-Proliferation Policies.

He served as the political science department chair for three years and continues to serve on a variety of department, college and university committees. Carranza was the recipient of the 2009 Best Publication Award from the College of Arts and Sciences and the 2003Distinguished Research Award from the Javelina Alumni Association.


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