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How to Use the Logo

This site standardizes the way the university logo is to be used. Underlying this is the institutions’s desire to maintain a consistent university graphic image and to project a unified message to the university’s publics and constituencies.

Authorized Logo

The logo is registered with the Secretary of State in Austin. This provides protection against its manufacture, use or display, or sale of imitations without the university’s consent. The logo can only be used for approved purposes and may not be modified.

The university’s licensing program sets standards for the commercial use of its logos, names, trademarks, slogans and symbols. These are registered with the Secretary of State, and unauthorized use is prohibited. For more information on the registration and/or trademarking of the logo and other university icons, please contact the Office of Strategic Sourcing and General Services at 593-3814.

When to Use the Logo

The university logo must appear on the following university publications:

Recruitment Publications

Publications designed to promote Texas A&M University-Kingsville or any of its programs, colleges, departments, or services for the purpose of recruiting students, staff or faculty.

University Stationery and Business Cards

External Publications

Any publication of the university or of its component parts intended for distribution off campus to an external public.

College and Department Newsletters

Publications that promote a unit’s activities and faculty achievements.


Development Publications

Publications that seek to raise money in the university’s name.

University Policy Publications

Publications that promulgate university policy.

University Forms

Forms designed for students and personnel records, university financial transactions, and similar applications.

Programs of Commencement Exercises and Similar Activities

Vertical Application of the Logo

Vertical Application

A vertical logo is available for use only when the application does not allow for using the primary logo.

Adding Unit Names to the Logo

Logo + NameArtwork for all colleges may be obtained from the Office of Marketing and Communications. Unit names may be used in conjunction with either the vertical or horizontal version of the logo.

The Official Seal

Use of the Texas A&M University-Kingsville seal is highly restricted. Its use is confined to the following documents: diplomas and certificates evidencing completion of degree requirements and/or courses of study; all transcripts of grades earned for completion of course work; and all contracts and documents that require the signature of the president and/or other responsible university officer which involve legal or financial transactions, if such documents require a seal. Its use in conjunction with the seal of another institution on a diploma in which both institutions grant the degree is permitted. Use of the seal as a design element on pamphlets, brochures, other printed pieces, and on novelty items and wearing apparel is not permitted. Questions regarding use of the seal should be directed to the Office of Marketing and Communications. The Office of the President has final authority for decisions regarding the use of the seal.

Official Colors

Blue: PMS 286
Gold: PMS 123
Terra Cotta: PMS 186

C = 100 M = 66 Y = 0 K = 2
C = 0 M = 24 Y = 94 K = 0
C = 11 M = 100 Y = 85 K = 2

R = 0 G = 93 B = 170
R = 255 G = 196 B = 37
R = 210 G = 16 B = 52

Blue: #003399
Gold: #ffcc00
Terra Cotta: #cc0000

Texas A&M University-Kingsville’s official colors are PMS 123 (gold) and PMS 286 (blue). PMS 186 (terra cotta) is the designation for the tile color and the word Kingsville in the three-color version of the logo.

For instances where spot color is impractical, corresponding values for the logo color values are provided in 4-color process (CMYK).

Values in RGB and HEX are provided for instances where official colors will be needed for screen presentation such as slide presentations and websites.

Reproducing the Logo

The Texas A&M University-Kingsville logo is not to be redrawn, have its proportions altered, or otherwise be modified. The integrity of the logo also must be maintained when used in electronic publications, including web pages. The logo should not be reproduced in sizes smaller than 1” wide.

Use With Other Symbols

The logo is not to be combined with any other university symbol, such as the seal, previous logos, athletic symbols, or with original art. In some cases, another institutional entity might wish to use its logo in combination with that of Texas A&M University-Kingsville to show unity and cohesiveness in joint sponsorship of a program, for example. Such combination of logos is discouraged because of the conflicting identity it projects for Texas A&M-Kingsville. In such cases, the use of the institutions’ names only, with no logos, is suggested. Requests for exceptions to this policy should be made in writing to the Office of Marketing and Communications at least two weeks in advance of proposed usage.

Reproduction Angle

The logo should be printed only at a right angle.

Changing Proportions

Unapproved Distortions

The logo should not be distorted, i.e., stretched or condensed, but used only in its original proportions. If you need to resize the logo or other university icon, hold down the shift key on your keyboard while hitting the arrow. This ensures that the image stays in proper proportion as it is resized to fit your needs.

Heritage Logos and Seals

Not allowed

Shown here are some earlier versions of the university logo and previous graphic elements which have been superseded by the official logo and approved elements. These marks are used in conjunction with products for alumni attending the University when these were the official marks.

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