Trademarks/University Licensing Program

Trademarks/University Licensing Program

Materials produced by campus departments and outside vendors must be presented to the Office of Marketing and Communications for approval regarding compliance with the university’s graphic standards. The office requires five working days to approve materials.

Licensing Program

The university logo and all approved graphic elements have been trademarked by the university. Any company or person wishing to use the university’s logo or graphic elements must be legally licensed to do so. Texas A&M University-Kingsville has a contract with Learfield Licensing Partners in order to streamline the licensing process, collect royalties and better control the use of its trademarked graphics.

Two types of licenses are available: restricted and standard.

Standard License Application

This application should be used by companies that desire to produce licensed products for resale to the general public.

Restricted License Application

This application should be used by companies that desire to only produce licensed products for internal use at the selected institution. No products produced under this license agreement may be sold to the general public. 

To become a licensed vendor, please contact Kasey Moore at Learfield Licensing Partners. She will assist you in the licensing process.

Kasey Moore
Learfield Licensing Partners
8900 Keystone Crossing
Suite 605
Indianapolis, IN 46240

Phone: 317-669-0802
Fax: 317-669-0810

Treatment of the University Name and Abbreviation in Type

There will be instances when the university’s name is set in type but not used in the logo format. The formal, full name of the university must appear on all legal documents and university print and electronic publications. The Texas A&M University System and Texas A&M University-Kingsville have established standards for how the university’s name and acronym is to be displayed in such instance. No exceptions are permitted. The preferred usage, space permitting, is the full name of the university on one line as shown:

Texas A&M University-Kingsville

There is never any space between the A, the ampersand, and the M in the acronym A&M. When the full name of the university is used, there is no space between the “y” in university, the hyphen, and the “K” in Kingsville. Note that the separating element is a hyphen, not a dash.

In body copy (the text of a manuscript), the first reference to the university is by the full name: Texas A&M University-Kingsville (using the hyphen as shown). Subsequent references may use Texas A&M-Kingsville or A&M-Kingsville (again with a hyphen).

The university name should not be abbreviated as TAMUK.

Note that the only time the hyphen is used is between University and Kingsville in the full one-line version of the name. The hyphen is never used in any other situation. The only approved exception to the approved abbreviation in official print and electronic publications is that AMK may be used in the school song, “Hail AMK.”

Other Approved Graphic Elements

In addition to the official logo, the university has approved a selected number of graphic elements for use. These graphic elements include the Screaming Javelina and the Javelinas script wordmark. These graphic elements do not replace the official logo and may not be used in place of the logo on official electronic and print publications.

These graphic elements are the only approved versions of the javelina mascot. Any other renditions are not permitted. 

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