Stationery and Business Cards

One of the primary applications of the logo is for letterhead, envelopes, and business cards. The logo also may be used on items of wearing apparel or other merchandise approved for sale provided appropriate licensing agreements are executed and approved by the university. The design offers several advantages over other versions, chiefly quicker visual identity of the institution and its components and additional address information. The logo and address information must always appear in the locations shown in the accompanying examples.

University stationery and business cards are permitted only for officially recognized colleges, departments, grant-funded programs, and organizations.

Ink Colors

Stationery, envelopes, and business cards must be printed in the official logo color(s). For one-color applications, the ink to be used is PMS 286 (Blue). For three-color applications, the inks are PMS 123 (Yellow), PMS 286 (Blue), and PMS 186 (Terra Cotta) for the roof tiles and the word Kingsville.

Both one-color and three-color versions of the business card and stationery are available. A one-color version of the letterhead and card is suggested for routine correspondence. No exceptions will be made regarding color or paper use.

Mass mailings may be produced in black ink on standard white offset paper.

Paper Stock

Two types of paper stock have been chosen for university correspondence.

Royal Fiber Cream 24# script has been designated for use with both the three-color logo and the one-color version of the logo. We have selected suitable substitutes in the event that Royal Fiber Cream is unavailable: Chrusted Leaf Cream or Crushed Cream.

Standard white offset is for use with mass mailings.


Envelopes for correspondence will be printed in the standard No. 10 size as well as a 9 x 12 version for unfolded materials.

Royal Fiber Cream envelopes have been designated for use with both the three-color logo and the one-color version of the logo.

Standard white envelopes are for use with mass mailings.

Business Cards

The university business card includes the logo, the individual’s name, job title, telephone and fax number, email address and return address as shown in the sample. Optional information, such as secondary titles, departmental or program names, office addresses and home or cell phone numbers may be included with approval of the Office of Marketing and Communications, provided such information does not clutter the card nor detract from its principal purpose. The “white space” (area without type) exists to keep the card from looking cluttered and will be maintained.

The card’s function is to identify the institution, the individual representing it, and provide an easy way of contacting that person. Cards should contain only the most essential information.

Degrees and professional certifications may follow the name, space permitting. Only the highest degree obtained will be allowed on the business card.

No other logos or graphic symbols will be permitted on the business card.

Cards are standard business card size (2” x 3 ½”) printed on Sandstone 80# Cover.

Correspondence Format

The logo and return address should always appear in the position as shown in these illustrations.

The preferred usage for official university correspondence is block style with margins as indicated by the shaded area. The type styles to be used are Times Roman and Times Bold.

Memos and Forms

Memos and forms should be printed as shown here.

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