So You've Decided to Study Abroad,
Now What?

Studying abroad through the Office of International Studies and Programs at TAMUK takes some time and planning, but it can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your undergraduate career.

But where do you start?

The most important step is to stop by the Office of International Studies and Programs (Cousins Hall, Room 101 - see campus map here) and talk with one of our staff members so we can guide you through the process.

Generally, the process follows these steps:

1. Choose three countries where you would like to study.

2. Determine which classes you would like to take and still need to complete in order to fulfill your degree plan. Most study abroad students are able to satisfy core curriculum, language, and elective credits while abroad, but you will need to speak with your academic advisor to determine specifically which classes you still need to complete for your degree plan. Although there are no prerequisites for studying abroad, freshmen, sophomores, and junoirs generally have a better chance of finding programs which fit their undergraduate degree requirements.

3. Create a budget. Our office will help you develop a budget and submit it to the Office of Financial Aid in case you need to increase the amount of financial aid you receive in order to pay for your study abroad experience.

4. Apply for a passport and any necessary visas.

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5. Look for funding. Scholarships, financial aid, and personal contributions will help pay for your experience abroad.

6. Attend a pre-departure orientation. All students wishing to study abroad must attend a pre-departure meeting. These are scheduled several times each semester. You can view the hanbook here.

7. Review your travel dates, buy plane tickets, and make a packing list.

8. Go abroad! Board the plane and start your journey overseas.