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Passport & Photo Services

Passport Acceptance Facility

We Can:

  • Make copies of your citizenship documentation and photo ID
  • Take and print your passport photo
  • Accept, review and submit your DS-11 application forms to the U.S. Department of State
  • Supply you with all the forms that would be necessary to apply

We Can't:

  • Print your passport at our facility 
  • Take passport appointments for expedited services
  • Review or mail DS-82 renewal forms 
  • Receive your passport at your office
  • Receive information regarding the processing status of your passport application

It is recommended to arrive with your paperwork complete to ensure swift service. It takes an Acceptance Agent an average of 30 minutes to review and confirm completeness of the application and documentation.

The service time of 30 minutes includes the following:

  • Review of application
  • Verification of required documents and recording identifying information
  • Taking and printing photo
  • Making necessary copies
  • Totaling and providing fees to the customer
  • Administering the passport oath and witnessing the application/guardians signature(s)

You will check into the Reception Area located in RM 113A, of Cousins Hall on the Texas A&M University-Kingsville campus. Passport services are available, for walk-in services, Tuesday - Thursday, 9 am - 3:30 pm and by appointment only on Monday and Friday, 9 am - 12 pm.

If arriving with incomplete paperwork, documentation, or forms of payment, please expect longer service times. If arriving with all documentation in order, shorter service time may be expected.

To calculate the total costs of your passport application fees, please visit the U.S. Department of State's website

Please note, two separate payments must be made as follows:

To the US Department of State:

  • Personal, traveler's or cashier's check, or money order
  • The first name, middle initial, and last name and the birth date of the applicant must be included in the memo/for section of the check or money order
  • If applying as a group or family, each individual will need a separate form of payment, i.e. a family of four are applying, please bring five forms of payment, one for each applicant, and one for the combined second payment.
  • No credit or debit cards, temporary, counter, or business checks, or cash are accepted on behalf of the US Department of State, as stated on their website.

To the Passport Acceptance Facility

  • The $35 execution fee and the express mail option can be paid online through MarketPlace. Acceptable payments through the online store are credit/debit cards or personal check.
  • No cash or check payments will be accepted.


An acceptance facility cannot deny your ability to apply based on evidence submitted that seems insufficient. You will be notified if something appears to be missing or inaccurate at the time of application, and you can decide whether or not to provide or correct based on the agent's suggestion.

The final decision on passport issuance is ultimately up to the US Department of State. In the event that your application is rejected or delayed by the US Department of State, you will receive a letter or email giving you instructions n how to correct the situation, and you will typically have 90 days to provide requested proof. Generally, you can do this on your own and do not need to return to the acceptance facility.