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Proposal Development Timeline

The Office of Global Engagement welcomes early, informal consolation by faculty and academic units for program planning and encourages coordinated programming within and among departments. 

Preliminary Step: Developing an idea into a faculty-led proposal


Step 1: Program Development 

Faculty interested in creating a faculty-led program are encouraged to contact our office to discuss ideas and learn more about the resources and requirements for leading a study abroad course on behalf of A&M University-Kingsville. Below are some of the topic areas for this discussion: 

  • Program Goals & Target Audience 
  • Academic Course Offering 
  • Program Itinerary
  • Program Destination(s) & Local Connections/Contacts  

Please contact Nicolette Dacke (nicolette.dacke@tamuk.edu) to schedule a discovery meeting. 

We recommend faculty also reach out to the academic advisor for their department/college as they are important source of study away information. They will be able to provide detailed information on how a faculty-led program could best benefit the students. Below are some recommended questions to ask the advisor:

  • What type of course offering would work best with a students degree plan
  • How many students are within the major or college could benefit from attending the faculty-led program
  • During which semester would holding a faculty-led program work best for the students   

If your proposal is approved, advisors will play an important role in promoting the faculty-led program and help students plan for the experience in their degree plans. 

Step 2: Secure Academic Support

The next step if for faculty to receive preliminary approval of their efforts from their department chair(s) as they will be responsible for certifying that your proposal is supported by the department. Faculty are encouraged to discuss the following: 

  • How can the department/college benefit the from offering this program 
  • The academic and experiential aspects of the proposed program
  • Others in the department that might be able to teach this program in the future
  • Any questions regarding salary or teaching load, if the program is approve
Academic departments are responsible for review of program and course subject matter and instructional delivery methods. TAMUK courses offered abroad or domestically must be of comparable academic rigor to those offered on campus and pertain significant enhancement to the on-campus offering. 


Step 3:  Submit the "Intent to Lead" web form

Faculty that have their department's preliminary approval can officially notify the Office of Global Engagement of their intent for submitting a faculty-led program proposal. This can be done by completing the "Intent to Lead" web form. Once received, our office will guide faculty through the course proposal process to complete the necessary requirements by the appropriate deadlines.

Intent to Lead Web Submission


Step 4: Attend the "Designing a Faculty-Led Program" Workshop 

Faculty will learn how to create authentic learning experiences through the established framework for faculty-led programs. Each discussion topic will cover a specific section included in the Faculty-Led Program Proposal Application and provide faculty with the tools to fully develop their own program proposals by the submission deadline.

Step 5: Submit the Completed Faculty-Led Proposal Application 

Proposal Submission Deadlines 

  • FEBRUARY 1 for the following Winter Intersession
  • APRIL 1 for the following Summer, including May and August programs

Proposal Review & Approval Process  

Proposals that meet the submission deadline will first get reviewed by the Proposal Review Committee to receive their recommendation for approval to university administration. The committee will review submitted proposals to ensure that the intended program is academically sound, culturally relevant, and for the benefit of the student. 

Recommended proposals will then route to first the Dean's office for college approval and then to senior administration for Academic Affairs to receive division approval from the AVP and Provost.

Division approved proposals will then be submitted to the President for final review and approval by the university to host the program. Faculty of approved programs will receive a notification letter from the Office of Global Engagement confirming that the program implementation process can officially begin.