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Logistics FAQs

Central Receiving FAQ

No, all orders are not all delivered to Central Receiving.

a. If the address used is either 1255 N. Retama Street (Central Receiving) or 700 University Blvd. (Post Office), the order will be delivered to Central Receiving.

b. If you used your physical address (found under "Building Codes and Addresses") and room number, the order will be delivered to your department.

Your package can be addressed like so:



Texas A&M University-Kingsville

Physical Address

Please Note:

i. If the Vendor says that the address you used is not valid, ask if they can override it. Since the address you used is your actual physical address it should be possible.

a. First, track your package at either FEDEX or UPS to verify if it has been delivered. Alternatively, you can use a universal package tracker here.

b. If you have confirmed that Central Receiving has your package, call (361) 593-3311 and somebody will be able to assist you.

Please Note:

i. Make sure to have your tracking number readily available.

ii. After tracking it will show that "K. Trevino" or "J. Jefferson" signed.

If you can confirm that Central Receiving has your package, you are welcome to come pick it up from 8AM to 12PM and from 1PM to 5PM.

Central Receiving is located in the Physical Plant Compound (across from the Maintenance Office).

Please Note:

i. Enter through the door with the "STOREROOM" sign above it.

The department office should check the delivery for accuracy. If we have delivered a package in error, call extension 3311 to have it picked up.

Please Note:

i. Once a package is delivered and signed for, it becomes the responsibility of the department.

  1. We try to deliver the same day the item is received at Central Receiving; if not, then by 5PM the next (assuming it is not a holiday).
  2. For larger items: Once we find out where the item is supposed to be taken to, we complete a work order for the Service Crew. It then gets added to the Service Crew's schedule to then be delivered.

If you have called the company and they have in turn sent you a return label, or call tag, you then need to bring the items to Central Receiving for FEDEX or UPS to pick up.

Central Receiving CANNOT store items due to the fact that we have incoming freight everyday. The quantity and size of the freight are unknown until we receive it, so we are not able to determine whether or not there will be space.

a. You will need to put your physical address and room number as the item's destination.

b. You will then need to pay for the truck to have a lift gate and also pay for inside delivery.

Surplus FAQ

Surplus property is those items purchased with University monies (regardless of the source of funds) that are no longer needed.

a. You must fill out a Deletion Form and then email it to

b. The Deletion Form can be found on this page (under "All Forms", form 2) or you can email for a form and they will send you one.

Expected turnaround is based on current conditions and the Service Crew's schedule. Contact us and we will be able to provide more information.