Division of Finance



JavelinaBuy is a web-based e-Commerce system developed by Texas A&M University, in partnership with SciQuest, which replaces the purchasing functionality previously provided by FAMIS and the Buy A&M (BAM) system. JavelinaBuy handles the procurement of all commodities and services. Customers may browse and shop from numerous online catalogs, each of which is accessible directly through the JavelinaBuy. Invoices and payment requests are initiated and created within JavelinaBuy, which is fully integrated with FAMIS. Also, a great feature is that both formal and informal bidding can be achieved utilizing JavelinaBuy while allowing suppliers’ to create a profile through the Texas A&M “AggieBid” Supplier Portal. 

Setting Up A Vendor

What are the benefits of JavelinaBuy:

  • It provides a one-stop shopping experience with virtually all suppliers - no need to remember multiple web sites or set up individual accounts and profiles with individual suppliers.
  • Similar to other online shopping sites, products may be searched by keyword, part number, category, or "favorites" lists.
  • Real cost savings – Texas A&M’s contracts and “best value” sources are readily accessible.
  • Quicker turnaround since there are no delegated dollar limits on orders placed with contracted suppliers.
  • Requisitions are automatically budget-checked and routed through a departments’ specified Approval Workflow.
  • Invoicing is centralized and automated, which minimizes or eliminates paper invoice processing and Payment Card receipts and reconciliation reports.
  • Provides greater spend visibility, reporting, and analysis.

Training Material:

Emergency Purchase: An emergency purchase is defined as a purchase of goods or services that if not secured immediately, the university will suffer financial or operational damage. Departments should place the order, then enter a JavelinaBuy requisition and include a detailed Emergency Justification Form

Sole Source: If the specifications restrict the purchase of goods or services to only one product or manufacturer, enter an JavelinaBuy Purchase Requisition and include a completed Sole Source Form