Future Students


Juana “Janie” Villanueva

Admission Counselor

Texas A&M University- Kingsville allowed me to discover my fullest potential. I have achieved growth, confidence, and happiness through this campus. My favorite part of TAMUK are the events (held on campus) that gather faculty, students, and staff together like a family. We have pride in our traditions and our culture. Nothing beats the bell tower ringing on a weekday afternoon with the coastal breeze blowing while the sun is setting. I love the golden hour!

Territory: Laredo, Eagle Pass, Central Texas

Hometown: San Benito, Texas

High School: San Benito High School

College: Texas A&M University–Kingsville

Major: Bachelor of Science – Bilingual Education; Music minor

Hobbies: I love to cook and eat, dance, do gardening, and being outdoors.

Did you know? I did not have to take out any loans during my Bachelor’s degree because of the affordable tuition at TAMUK as well as the scholarships, work-study, and grants offered.
Juana “Janie” Villanueva