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Rio Grande Valley Engineering

Rio Grande Valley Engineering Initiative

The Rio Grande Valley Engineering Initiative makes it possible for engineering students in the Rio Grande Valley to earn a Texas A&M-Kingsville degree. The first goal of the initiative is to accommodate students who receive their first two years of instruction from Rio Grande Valley community colleges, and allow them to transfer to A&M-Kingsville for their third and fourth years of college.

Junior and Senior-level classes in Chemical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, and Natural Gas Engineering. This program is intended for students with or near completion of an associate's degree in pre-engineering from a community college. The program will be taught by Texas A&M University - Kingsville faculty via interactive video with an engineering mentor present in the classroom, other instructors at Weslaco, and through recordings of all the classes.  Financial aid is available to students registered with at least six credits.  

Partners and Locations

Our Partners:

South Texas College (STC) and Texas State Technical College (TSTC)

Course Locations: 

 South Texas College Mid Valley Campus
   400 N. Border, Weslaco, TX
 University Center, Texas State Technical College Campus
   2424 Boxwood, Harlingen, TX
 Texas A&M University-Kingsville Citrus Center
   312 N. International Blvd., Weslaco, TX 

Courses Offered

The RGV Engineering Initiative is offering courses leading to the following degrees:

Bachelor of Science

• Architectural Engineering
• Chemical Engineering
• Environmental Engineering
• Industrial Management & Technology
• Natural Gas Engineering

Master of Science

• Civil Engineering
• Environmental Engineering
• Industrial Management

Doctorate of Philosophy

• Sustainable Energy Systems Engineering