Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

Yousef Haik, Ph.D.

Professor and Chair

Contact Information

Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
MSC 191 Texas A & M University-Kingsville
Kingsville, Texas 78363-8202
Voice: (361) 593-3342

Research Interest

  • Nanomaterial synthesis and characterization
  • Applications of nanomaterial in biology and medicine
  • Applications of nanomaterial in energy and environment
  • Nanosensors
  • Law and technology

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  • Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering, Florida State University, 1997
  • M.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering, The University of Iowa, 1994
  • B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering, The University of Jordan, 1985
  • Juris Doctor (J.D.), Hamad Bin Khalifa University, 2020

Recent Publications (Click here for a complete list)

  • ul Haq T, Bicer Y, Munir A, Mansour SA, HaikY “Surface Assembling of Highly Interconnected and Vertically Aligned Porous Nanosheets of Gd-CoB on TiO2 nanoflowers for Durable Methanol Oxidation Reaction,” ChemCatChem, DOI: 10.1002/cctc.202000392, 2020
  • Rasras A, Hamdi R, Mansour S, Samara A, HaikY “Effect of Doping Concentration on Gd1-xAlxMnO3Structure and Magnetic Properties,” Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, DOI:10.1016/j.jmmm.2020.167009, 2020.
  • Hamdi R, Smari M, Bajorek A, Nouri K, Bessais L, Hayek S, Dhahri E, HaikY “Unconventional Critical Behavior of the Magnetic Refrigerant System Er0.98Co0.02 around its Ferromagnetic-Paramagnetic Transition,” Physica Scripta, Vol. 95, No. 5, 2020
  • Abdulrehman T, Qadri S, Skariah S, Mansour S, Azzi J, HaikY “Boron Doped Silver-Copper Alloy Nanoparticle Targeting Intercellular S. aureus in Bone Cells,” PloS one, Vol. 15, No. 4, 2020.
  • Hamdi R, Smari M, Bajorek A, Bessais L, E Dhahri, Samara A, Mansour S, Haik Y “Griffith Phase, Magnetic Memory and ac Susceptibility of an Antiferromagnetic Titanate-based Perovskite Er0.9Sr0.1Ti0.975Cr0.025O3 System” Physica Scripta, 2020
  • Rachid O, HaikY, Abdi R “Novel Nanoparticles for the Selective Delivery of Targeted Immunotherapy System,” The FASEB Journal, 2020
  • ul Haq, Mansour SA, Munir A, HaikY “Gold-supported Gadolinium Doped CoB Amorphous Sheet: A new Benchmark Electrocatalyst for Water Oxidation with High Turnover Frequency,” Advanced Functional Materials, Vol. 30, No. 16, 2020.
  • Rachid O, Osman A, Abdi R, HaikY “CTLA4-Ig (abatacept): A promising Investigational Drug for use in Type 1 Diabetes,” Expert Opinion on Investigational Drugs, Vol 29 No. 3, pp. 221-236, 2020.
  • Al-Haik, M, Kabir M, Aldajah S, Siddique W, HaikY. “Thermal Analysis of Erbium Charge Storage Nanoparticles Embedded in Organic MIS Structure,” Material Research Express, Vol.6, No. 7, 2019
  • El Mel, AA, Gauiter R, Stephant N, Tessier PY, HaikY, “Patterning of Silver on the Micro and Nano-scale by Local Oxidation Using Air Plasma,” Nano-Structures and Nano-Objects, 2019
  • Qadri S, Abdulrehman T, Azzi J, Mansour S, HaikY, “AgCuB Nanoparticles Eradicates Intracellular S. Aureus Infection in Bone Cells: in vitro,” Emergent Materials, 1-13, 2019.
  • Aldajah S, Al-Haik MY, Siddique W, Kabir MM, HaikY, “Mechanical and Thermal Characterization of Grafted PP-NCC Nanocomposites” Journal of Thermocomposite Material,, 2019.
  • Qadri S, Abdulrehman T, HaikY “Ag-Cu alloy nanoparticles and targeting infection in osteoblasts cells” Abstracts of the American Chemical Society, 257, 2019
  • Nayek C, Obaidat IM, Albiss BA, HaikY, “Investigating of Negative Magnetization in Aggregates of Mn0.5Zn0.5GdxFe(2-x)O4 Ferrite Nanoparticles,” Nanosciences and Nanotechnology Letters Vol. 10, No. 10m pp.1451-1457, 2018.
  • Ordikhani F, Uehara M, Kasinath V, Dai L, Eskanddari S K, Bahmani B, Yonar M, Azzi J, HaikY, Sage P T, Murphy G F, Annabi N, Schatton T, Guleria I, Abdi R “Targeting Antigen-Presenting Cells by Anti-PD-1 Nanoparticles Augments Antitumor Immunity,” Journal of Clinical Investigation Insight,, 2018.
  • Bhmani B, Uehara M, Liang L, Ordikhani, Banouni N, Ichimura T, Solhjou Z, Furtmuller G, Branacher G, Alvarez D, von Andrian U, Uchimura K, Xu Q, Vohra I, Yilmam O A, HaikY, Azzi J, Kasinath V, Bromber J, McGrath M, Abdi R “Targeted Delivery of Immune Therapeutics to Lymph Nodes Prolongs Cardiac Allograft Survival” The Journal of Clinical Investigation, DOI 10.1172/JCI120923, 2018.
  • Ayesh A I, Ahmed R E, Al-Rashid M A, Alarrouqi R A, Abdulrehman T, HaikY, Al-Sulaiti L A “Selective Gas Sensors using, Graphene and CuO nanorods” Sensors and Actuators A: Physical, 283, pp.107-112, 2018.
  • Qadri SM, Abdulrehman T, HaikY, “Targeted Osteomyelitis Management Using Metallic Nanoparticles,” International Conference of Theoretical and Applied Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, DOI:10.11159/tann18.123, 2018.
  • Al-Haik MY, Kabir MM, Ayesh A, HaikY, Aldajah S, “Doped Conductive Polymers and Single-walled Carbon Nanotubes as Charge Storage Devices,” Materials Research Express, Vol.5 No. 9, 2018
  • Mohsin MA, HaikY, Abdulrehman T “Glucose-Mediated Insulin Release Carrier” Polymer Science Series A, Vol.60, No. 5, pp.618-627, 2018.

Recent Patents (Click here for a complete list)

  • US 10,184,937, January 22, 2019, Minimally Invasive Assessment of IgE Mediated Allergy
  • US 9,932,236, April 3, 2018, System for Producing Carbon Nanotubes from Combustion Engine Exhausts
  • US 9,538,740, January 10, 2017, Red Palm Weevil Sensing and Control System


Yousef Haik, Ph.D.