Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

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Dr. Xingang Fu

Assistant Professor of Practice


  • PhD in Electrical Engineering, The University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL, USA, 2015.
  • MS in Applied Mathematics, Ocean University of China, Qingdao, CHINA, 2009
  • BS in Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, Ocean University of China, Qingdao, CHINA, 2005.

Research interest:

  • Embedded AI
  • Deep Learning
  • Reinforcement Learning
  • Neural Network Control
  • Neural Dynamics
  • FPGA
  • DSP/Microcontroller
  • Embedded Systems
  • Heterogeneous Computing
  • Block Chain
  • Cyber-Physical Security
  • Hardware Hardening
  • Wide-Bandgap Semiconductors (GaN/SiC)
  • Solar Inverter
  • Power Electronics
  • Power System
  • Image Processing

Selected Publications:

  • Xingang Fu, Shuhui Li, Abdullah Al Hadi, and Rajab Challoo, “Novel Neural Control of Single-Phase Grid-Tied Multilevel Inverters for Better Harmonics Reduction," Electronics 2018, 7(7), 111.
  • Yang Sun, Shuhui Li, Bo Lin, Xingang Fu, Malek Ramezani, and Ishan Jaithwa “Artificial Neural Network for Control and Grid Integration of Residential Solar Photovoltaic Systems,” IEEE Transactions on Sustainable Energy, Vol: 8, Issue: 4, Oct. 2017.
  • Xingang Fu and Shuhui Li, “A Novel Neural Network Vector Control for Single-Phase Grid-Connected Converters with L, LC and LCL Filters,” Energies 2016, 9, 328.
  • Xingang Fu and Shuhui Li, “Control of Single-Phase Grid-Connected Converters with LCL Filters Using Recurrent Neural Network and Conventional Control Methods,” IEEE PES Transactions on Power Electronics, Vol. 31, No. 7, Jul. 2016,pp. 5354-5364
  • Xingang Fu and Shuhui Li,“A Novel Neural Network Vector Control Technique for Induction Motor Drive,”IEEE PES Transactions on Energy Conversion, Vol. 30, No. 4, Dec. 2015, pp. 1428 - 1437.
  • Xingang Fu, Shuhui Li and Ishan Jaithwa, “Implement Optimal Vector Control for LCL-Filter-Based Grid-Connected Converters by Using Recurrent Neural Networks,” IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, Vol. 62, No. 7, Jul. 2015, pp. 4443-4454.
  • Xingang Fu, Shuhui Li, Michael Fairbank, Donald C. Wunsch, and Eduardo Alonso, “Training Recurrent Neural
    Networks with Levenberg-Marquardt Backpropagation for Optimal Control of a Grid-Connected Converter,” IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems, Vol. 26, No. 9, Sep. 2015, pp. 1900-1912.
  • Xingang Fu, Matheus Rossetto, and Shuhui Li, “Embedded Digital System Design for Neural Network Based Vector Control of a Single-Phase Inverter," Proceedings of 2016 Clemson University Power Systems Conference, Clemson, South Carolina, Mar.8-11, 2016.
  • Xingang Fu, Shuhui Li, “Training Recurrent Neural Network Vector Controller for Inner Current-Loop Control of Doubly Fed Induction Generator," Proceedings of 2015 (IEEE) PES General Meeting, Denver, Colorado, USA, Jul. 26-30, 2015.

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Kingsville, Texas 78363-8202
voice: (361) 593-4575
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Dr. Xingang Fu