Chemical and Natural Gas Engineering

Faculty & Staff

Dr. Nazmul Rahmani

Van Mooney Professor of Practice


  • Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering, University of Alberta, Canada 2004
  • M.S. in Chemical Engineering, University of North Dakota, USA 1998
  • B.S. in Chemical Engineering, Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology, 1995

Research Interest

  • Reservoir fluid thermodynamics phase behavior
  • Flow assurance and production chemistry
  • Pipeline thermo-hydraulic modelling
  • Hydraulic fracturing fluids
  • Bioremediation of industrial wastewater

Professional Experience

  • Van Mooney Professor of Practice, Department of Chemical & Natural Gas Engineering, Texas A&M University - Kingsville, 2016 – to date
  • Senior Flow assurance Specialist, Genesis Oil & Gas Consultants Limited – Technip USA,Houston, TX 2013-2015
  • Development Engineer, Stimulation Fluids Engineering Group - Schlumberger Technologies Limited, Sugarland, TX 2011-2013
  • Senior Research Engineer, Subsurface Team, Research & Technology (R&T) Group, Kuwait Oil Company, 2010-2011
  • Research Project Manager, DBR Technology Center - Schlumberger Canada Limited, Edmonton, AB 2005-2009  
  • NSERC Postdoctoral Research Fellow, CANMET Energy Technology Centre - Natural Resources Canada, Devon, AB 2004-2005

Selected Publications

Peer-reviewed journal manuscripts

  • Rahmani, N.H.G., Gao, J., Ibrahim, M.N., Bou-Mikael, S., Al-Matar, B.S., Ruhaimani, F. “Core Flood Investigation into Asphaltene Deposition Tendencies in the Marrat Reservoir SEK”, SPE 121414, Paper presented at the SPE Intl Symp on Oilfield Chemistry, Woodlands, Texas, 2009.
  • Rahmani Nazmul, Tadeusz Dabros, and Jacob H. Masliyah, “Fractal Structure of Asphaltene Aggregates”, Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, 285, 599-608, 2005.
  • Rahmani Nazmul, Tadeusz Dabros, and Jacob H. Masliyah, “Settling Properties of Asphaltene Aggregates”, Energy & Fuels, 19, 1099-1108, 2005.
  • Rahmani Nazmul, Tadeusz Dabros, and Jacob H. Masliyah, “On-line Optical Monitoring of Asphaltene Aggregation”, Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Res, 44, 75-84, 2005
  • Rahmani Nazmul, Tadeusz Dabros, Jacob H. Masliyah, “Evolution of Asphaltene Floc Size Distribution in Organic Solvents under Shear”, Chemical Eng Sci, 59, 685-97, 2004.
  • Rahmani Nazmul, Tadeusz Dabros, Jacob H. Masliyah, “Characterization of Asphaltenes Aggregation and Fragmentation in a Shear Field”, AIChE Journal, 49, 1645, 2003.
  • Rahmani GNH and Sternberg SPK, “Bioremoval of lead from water using Lemna Minor”, Bioresource Technology, 70(3), 225-230, 1999


Professional Affiliations

  •       Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE)
  •       American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE)


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Dr. Nazmul Rahmani