Human Resources

Employment and Recruiting

Student Employment

Students of the University may be eligible for part-time and/or work-study employment. All student jobs are posted on the Javelina Careers website. 

Steps to Hire a Student Worker:

1. Post the job on Handshake.

2. Select the individual.

3. Send RPS form to Export Control Delegate.

4. Ensure the student is cleared and that the delegate has saved results in the University Audit Share Drive.

3. Send Background Check Request to,,

Note: Background requests should include name, position, and email

4. Upon receipt of a clear background check, initiate the hire business process in Workday.

5. You will receive an email from HR asking you to send the student to the Human Resources Office with their:

  1. Social Security Card
    • necessary to create a UIN if the student has never worked for Texas A&M
    • A copy can be brought into the office if they are not using this document for I-9 documentation
  2. I-9 documentation

6. After the student completes their I-9, the student will bring a Gold Card I-9 receipt to the department.

  1. The student is eligible to work after completing an I-9. Please wait for the student to bring you their gold card, and refer to their "Hire Date in Workday" before scheduling them to work.
Please let Human Resources know if you need to change the hire date, or if the business process needs to be canceled. If you are unsure about where the student's Hire Business process is currently sitting during the On-boarding process please use the Workday Report On-boarding Status Summary Report.
I-9 verification receipt also known as a gold card