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Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Doctoral Level Transcripted Certificate

STEM Education Doctoral Level Transcripted Certificate

Stem Education is a fast growing movement in South Texas garnering interest and excitement in school districts, informal learning environments, and industry. This growing demand will require strong educational leaders with a deep knowledge in not only the technologies supporting STEM Education, but also the leadership skills to support these programs. This program is designed to provide a path for students wishing to assume leadership roles in STEM Education either as a cognate to a doctoral degree or as a transcripted certificate at the doctoral level.

Course Descriptions

To receive the transcripted certificate, students will complete four (4) classes (12 hours) with a grade of  B or better from the seven (7) classes (21 hours) listed below:

6310       Introduction to STEM Education

This course provides an introduction to STEM Education. Students will explore foundational aspects of STEM education through the literature, recent national reports, discussion and practice. Topics may include rationales for STEM Education, historical perspectives, contributors and leaders, core theories and models, and challenges to STEM Education.

6312       Theoretical Foundations of STEM Education

An introduction to the major learning theories and research underpinning STEM Education. Students will learn to craft learning experiences based on these theories to help students meet state and national mandated standards. This course culminates with students designing a research study based in part on learning theories. 

6314       Special Topics in STEM Education

Courses will concentrate on themes not present in the current STEM curriculum. May be repeated for a maximum of 6 semester hours when topic changes.

6316       Instructional Design in STEM Education

Using the Dick and Carey ISD framework, students will explore the instructional systems development (ISD) process, from analysis through evaluation, and engage in authentic instructional design activities to meet the needs of various STEM Education populations.

6318       Trends and Issues in STEM Education

This course provides an opportunity to explore the critical trends and issues being debated within the field of STEM Education. This course examines trends and issues from multiple perspectives and serves as an impetus to students' understanding of the current tensions in the field. Using a critique framework, students will assess the impact of new ideas and issues in STEM Education.

6320       Leadership in STEM Education

Explores the theoretical and the practical considerations of STEM education leadership in creating, developing, and leading STEM initiatives. This course examines the leadership functions of STEM program leaders that contribute to their roles as curricular leaders, program administrators, and change agents.

6322       Research in STEM Education

Designed to survey the educational research practices of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematic (STEM) disciplines, this course investigates the approaches used in studying the teaching/learning processes within the context of each discipline. Individually and collaboratively students will discover similarities, distinctions and overlaps among questions posed, research designs, and investigations into best practices with respect to improving teaching and learning among STEM disciplines.

Application Procedures

Students may be admitted to the program from a variety of academic backgrounds. Students who enroll in the transcripted certificate program in STEM Education must meet general graduate admission requirements for TAMUK at the doctoral level.

Students who are currently enrolled in a doctoral program at TAMUK should contact Dr. Green at (361) 593- 2598 or

Students who are not currently enrolled in a doctoral program at TAMUK, but have achieved a Master’s degree from any accredited university: Complete the select the certificate in STEM Education, and submit all transcripts to TAMUK.

Admission to the University

All prospective students should access the Graduate Admissions page of the TAMUK website for the processes and procedures related to admissions.

Questions regarding Admission Status

Please call the College of Graduate Studies to check on the status of your admission to the University.

Enrollment in Classes

Students may register online, using Blue & Gold, after they have been accepted into the University

College of Graduate Studies

For additional information regarding application and admission, contact the College of Graduate Studies.

Cost of Attendance

You can visit the Business Office website for information on cost of attendance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a transcripted certificate?

A transcripted certificate is a certificate that is added to your permanent record on your transcripts.  It allows students to explore an area of interest, and while not achieving a degree in this area, the student is able to show expertise int he area with the University approved transcripted certificate.

What are the admission requirements?

A masters degree or students satisfying concurrent enrollment criteria of TAMUK graduate classes (doctoral program).

Where do I go to attend class?

This is a fully online certificate program offered through Texas A&M University-Kingsville.  All of your courses will be held online.

Can I use these courses as a cognate area for my doctoral degree?

Courses may be counted towards students' major degree plan only with the approval of the Graduate Coordinator for their major.

Contact the program coordinators if you have questions:

Dr. Linda Challoo
Phone: (361) 593-4716