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Higher Education Administration and Leadership (HEAL) Doctoral Level Transcripted Certificate

Higher Education Administration and Leadership is a growing career choice for faculty teaching at post-secondary institutions, community colleges and universities. There are many positions of leadership in higher education that would benefit from prior knowledge of the higher education system and how it works.

The HEAL program targets leaders as well as graduate students from any discipline who are aiming for leadership positions in postsecondary institutions. The transcripted certificate is designed to be completed in one year.


Course Descriptions

Students must complete five (15 hours) of the following online courses:

HEAL6325: Student Personnel Services in Higher Education
This course provides an overview of the conceptual and operational aspects that impact the student personnel programs of higher education institutions in the United States. The course is designed to prepare individuals for leadership positions in the field. An overview of content areas of personnel services offered in colleges and universities. Legal, ethical, and professional identity issues are also examined.

HEAL6326: Curriculum and Program Planning in Higher Education
This course provides an overview of the conceptual and operational aspects that impact curriculum and instruction in higher education institutions in the United States. Emphasis is on strategies for anticipating future societal needs and developing higher educational curriculum to meet those needs. The course is designed to prepare individuals for teaching and leadership positions in higher education and education related fields.

HEAL6327: Higher Education Administration
This course provides an overview of various elements in higher education administration, including an understanding of the role of boards of trustees, presidents, faculty, unions, students, state and federal governments, coordinating boards, and accreditation agencies. Focus is on attributes of successful contemporary leadership in higher education.

HEAL6328: Strategic Enrollment Leadership
This course focuses on strategic enrollment management, an approach to improved relationships within an institution. It provides a review of principles and practices for leading recruitment, enrollment management and leadership within community colleges, 4-year colleges and universities. Specific attention is given to effective enrollment management and leadership, recruitment, retention, institutional advancement, student service, and targeted communication.

HEAL6336: Teaching and Research in Higher Education
This course provides a detailed study of teaching and research in higher education. Research, theory and principles of teaching and learning are explored with a specific emphasis on differentiation between university and community college environments. Application of theory is presented and analyzed along with research findings and practices for curricula design and instruction in the higher education environment. 

HEAL6338: Legal and Ethical Issues in Higher Education
This course surveys the legal issues arising from the relationship between higher education institutions and their governing boards, administrators, faculty, students, and governmental bodies. This course will explore the role of landmark and current legislation and course decisions in academic and student affairs, distance learning, and fiscal and campus management.

Application Procedures

Students may be admitted to the program from a variety of academic backgrounds.  Students who enroll in the transcripted certificate program in Higher Education and Leadership must meet general graduate admission requirements for TAMUK.

  • Students currently enrolled in a doctoral program at TAMUK, complete the Admission form (click for form) and email it to Dr. Hall (
  • Students who are not currently enrolled in a doctoral program at TAMUK, but have achieved a Masters degree from any accredited university:  Complete the application, select the certificate in higher education, and submit all transcripts to TAMUK.

Admission to the University

All prospective students should access the Graduate Admissions page of the TAMUK website for the processes and procedures related to admissions.

Questions regarding Admission Status

Please call the Graduate Admissions Office to check on the status of your admission to the University.

Enrollment in Classes

Students may register online, using Blue & Gold, after they have been accepted into the University

College of Graduate Studies

For additional information regarding application and admission, contact the Graduate Admissions Office.

Cost of Attendance

You can visit the Business Office website for information on cost of attendance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a transcripted certificate?

A transcripted certificate is a certificate that is added to your permanent record on your transcripts.  It allows students to explore an area of interest, and while not achieving a degree in this area, the student is able to show expertise in the area with the University approved transcripted certificate.

What are the admission requirements?

A masters degree or students satisfying concurrent enrollment criteria of TAMUK graduate classes (doctoral program).

Where do I go to attend class?

This is a fully online certificate program offered through Texas A&M University-Kingsville.  All of your courses will be held online.

Can I use these courses as a cognate area for my doctoral degree?

Courses may be counted towards students' major degree plan only with the approval of the Graduate Coordinator for their major.

Contact for Questions:

Lori Kupczynski, EdD
Graduate Coordinator
Higher Education Administration and Leadership Certificate Program
Department of Educational Leadership & Counseling
Texas A&M University-Kingsville
MSC 223, 700 University Boulevard
Kingsville, TX  78363-8202