College for Kids


NEW! Innovated College for Kids camp! Participants will experience a vast amount of theme based activities while expanding their knowledge in a college environment! The College for Kids camp is a 2 week long camp designed to give participants (ages 7 - 13) a college experience. Each participant will learn the following incorporated with each day's theme: Math, Science, Reading, Writing, History, Art, and physical activities. Combined with the basic foundation of every participant’s knowledge, they will also learn leadership building skills, cultural awareness, and career paths as well as in-camp visits/special presentations from professionals and so much more!


How's the Weather • Mystery Impossible • CFK Mathletics • World Traveling • Be a Better YOU
• The Human Body • Voyage through History •
Series of Unfortunate Events • Math Ruins • When I Grow Up...

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Schedule & Pricing

Tentative Schedule: June 19 - 30, 2017 from 8 AM - 5 PM.   View Detailed Schedule & Pricing>>


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*Registration is only available online, if you have any issues/concerns, please contact us! We will gladly assist you in any way possible!
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