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What is the difference between an internship for academic credit and an internship for immersion experience?

There are more deciding factors to earn an internship for academic credit. First of all, with an internship for academic credit, you will earn three credit hours towards your degree. Secondly, you will need to register and pay for this course. Finally, learners interested in completing an internship for credit must have at least a 2.5 GPA. All business major degree plans have at least three advanced business course electives required within each designated major. This is where an internship for academic credit could fit into your degree plan.

If you do not need an additional course for your degree or do not meet the GPA criteria, you can choose to complete an internship for immersion experience. This would only require that you have completed the Student Professional Development Program.

Can I count a past internship or job as an internship for academic credit or internship for immersion experience?

No, all internships must be approved prior to your start date. We will not accept a past internship or job as either your internship for academic credit or internship for immersion experience.

What do I do if I earn an internship?

If you have earned an internship, the first thing you should do is print out either the internship for Academic Credit Application or the Internship for Immersion Experience form. Sit with your supervisor and discuss the requirements of your internship. Once you supervisor has signed the required documentation and you have received all the approving signatures, setup an appointment with the internship coordinator.

After earning my internship, how soon may I start working?

Once you have filled out all the required documentation and visited with the internship coordinator, it usually takes no longer than one to two business days to gain the dean’s approval. You should receive an email from the internship coordinator within that timeframe and then you can start working.

As a rule of thumb, let your employer know you can start in one week. This should give you enough time to setup your appointment and gain final approval from the dean.