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Internship for Immersion Experience Credit

To be eligible for the College of Business Administration Immersion Experience Credit program:

  • You must be a College of Business Administration student
  • Completed the Student Professional Development Program
  • Work for a minimum of 4 weeks with at least 150 work hours
  • All internships must be approved by the internship coordinator and the CBA dean’s office prior to the start date. It is extremely important that you do not start your internship until it has been approved.

Application process:

  1. Complete the Employer Agreement Form
  2. Once you have completed the form with your supervisor, setup an appointment with the internship coordinator to discuss your internship for approval
  3. If your internship is approved, the internship coordinator will meet with the dean’s office for final approval
  4. The internship coordinator will contact you via email to let you know if your internship was approved or denied
  5. Once your internship is complete email the internship coordinator at