Welcome to the TAMUK Women and Gender Studies home page. The Women and Gender Studies minor allows students to conduct interdisciplinary explorations of gender's intersections with other relations of power, including sexuality, race, class, nationality, religion, and age. Women and Gender Studies students think within the context of a transnational world and from perspectives as diverse as history, sociology, literary and cultural studies, postcolonial theory, science, new technology, and art.

Photo of the Interim Director of Women and Gender Studies

Message from the Interim Director of Women and Gender Studies

Women and Gender Studies is based on the premise that an educated person, regardless of discipline, needs to understand the contemporary world at both personal and societal levels. The minor in Women and Gender Studies provides an integral understanding of forces at work in a multicultural, pluralistic society, especially as they relate to the variety of issues related to gender, including women’s studies, masculinity studies, LGBT issues, feminist theory, and queer theory. A minor in Women and Gender Studies enhances the academic analysis of other university disciplines and lends itself to various careers such as counseling, business, personnel management, social work, advertising, law, politics and education. Dr. Susan Roberson

The purpose of the Women and Gender Studies program is to promote curricular and co-curricular programs that address issues of gender, sexuality, diversity and equity through intellectual engagement, community outreach and partnerships, and social advocacy. The vision of the Women and Gender Studies program is to raise awareness, appreciation and respect for all members of our multicultural, pluralistic society.