Physics and Geosciences



BS in Geology

Geoscientists are stewards or caretakers of Earth's resources and environment. They work to understand natural processes on Earth and other planets. Investigating the Earth, its soils, oceans, and atmosphere; forecasting the weather; developing land-use plans; exploring other planets and the solar system; determining environmental impacts; and finding new sources of useful Earth materials are just a few of the ways geoscientists contribute to our understanding of Earth processes and history.

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BS in Geology (Concentration in Geosciences)

Through a specialization in Geosciences, Geology students will gain a wholesome understanding of the depths of our planet. Learning about the creation and composition of our universe, this degree will prepare students for their future careers, and spike their interest in the unknown portions of our planet.

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BS in Geology - Geophysics (Minor in Mathematics)

Geophysics helps us understand the inner workings of planet Earth and other terrestrial bodies. Relying on mathematics and physics we also use geophysical principles to explore for natural resources such as water, hydrocarbons or metal ores. With a thorough background in the core geology courses alongside industry technical training, students are ready to tackle diverse and challenging problems....Are you ready to embark in Geophysics?

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Minors and Certificate