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Department of Mathematics

Student Organization & Events

Below is information regarding the events we offer in our Department.  Click each button to find out more information about each event and when it will be offered next.


Meetings begin at 7:00pm - Location: Rhode Hall 309

February 19

March 4

March 18

April 1

April 15


ALL Majors welcome



The International Conference on the Theory, Methods and Applications of Nonlinear Equations

The International conference on the Theory, Methods and Applications
of Nonlinear Equations
was held on December 17 - December 21, 2012.
The main aim of the conference was to promote, encourage, and bring together researchers in the fields of Ordinary Differential Equations,Partial Differential Equations,Integral Equations, Integro Differential Equations, Stochastic Differential Equations,Impulsive Differential Equations, Operator Equations, Difference Equations, and Dynamic Equations on Time Scales.  A special emphasis was on the applications of Nonlinear Equations. The conference was a huge success with over 40 countries represented and an attendance of over 200.

Math Interface

The Mathematics' Department continues a tradition of strengthening the connections between mathematical theories and practices. Math Interface is designed for the professional development of high school mathematics teachers.  After a break of two years, the annual event was organized on February 12, 2016.  It was attended by 16 school teachers and faculty of the Mathematics' Department.  The total attendance was over 45.


Whiz Kids Math Camp

Every year the Mathematics' Department organizes the Whiz Kids Math Camp to strengthen the educational skills of teaching mathematics for fourth and fifth grade students.  The 2018 Whiz Kids Math Camp was held for one week June 18 -- June 22nd with 16 campers in attendance.


Math Seminar

The department organizes bi-weekly seminars by the faculty of the Math Department and visitors.