History, Political Science, and Philosophy


Dr. Larry Knight

Associate Professor of History

I grew up as a native army brat and spent fully half of my elementary school years in Asia and Europe.  As a nation we were in the midst of the Cold War, and, like my fellow Americans abroad, we were on the front lines of that war.  Like the rest of my little cold warriors, I could not wait to get back to "the states."  Wherever we were and whatever we were doing (and we saw some beautiful territory) nothing could match the good old USA.  Those formative years away from "home" convinced me that there was no place on earth like America and certainly played a part in my love of history.  Before I was old enough to articulate the idea, my early experiences also convinced me that America was, as stated by Presidents Lincoln and FDR (among many others), the last and best hope of freedom on this earth.  I hope I can pass that love of freedom on to my students if I pass on nothing else.  I teach a variety of class, but my specialty is Texas, and though not a native Texan, I’ve come to see Texas as I do the U.S., as a special place and one to which I owe both love and loyalty.

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Dr. Larry Knight