Biology and Health Sciences

Undergraduate Programs

Pre-Health Professional Medical or Dental in Texas

Required Course Prerequisites for Medical and Dental Schools in Texas:
In addition to the General Educational and Specific Degree Requirements as the vast majority of students accepted to medical and dental school earn a baccalaureate degree prior to acceptance, the following courses represent the minimum requirements for acceptance as declared by the medical and dental schools in Texas. However, numerous additional courses and nonacademic activities are just as critical to be a successful pre-medical or pre-dental student. Frequent consultation with the Pre-Health Professions Adviser is very important. The Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT) and Dental Admissions Test (DAT) are also required for medicine and dentistry, respectively. NOTE: Graduate schools in medicine and dentistry differ greatly in their entrance requirements. After deciding on a school or schools, the student should write to the Director of Admissions for the latest catalog and follow the program outlined as nearly as possible.

  • Biology
    • Required:
      • BIOL 1306/1106, BIOL 1307/1107, 6 SCH Adv. BIOL 
    • Strongly Recommended:
      • BIOL 2401, BIOL 2402, BIOL 3408, BIOL 4401, BIOL 4402, BIOL 4406, BIOL 4408, BIOL 4426
  • Chemistry
    • Required:
      • CHEM 1311/1111, CHEM 1312/1112, CHEM 3323/3123, CHEM 3325/3125
    • Strongly Recommended:
      • CHEM 4341* and CHEM 4342 *CHEM 4341 is required for Dental School
    • English
      • ENGL 1301, ENGL 1302 6
        *courses in literature strongly recommended
    • Mathematics (not required for Dental School)
      • MATH 2413 (may require completion of MATH 1314, MATH 1316,
      • MATH 1348 if student has not earned CLEP or AP credit)
    • Physics
      • PHYS 1301/1101 or PHYS 2325/2125, PHYS 1302/1102 or PHYS 2326/2126
    • Math-based Statistics 
      • STAT 4301 3