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Dr. Glenn Perrigo


Teaching Specialties: Ornithology, Anatomy and Physiology I & II, Hormones and Behavior, Amazon Biology

Research Interests: Avian ecology and distribution, avian risk assessment for wind farm siting, vertebrate reproduction and sex differences, wildlife photography



 Download Perrigo's  Biology 2401 (A&P I) syllabus

 Download Perrigo's  Biology 2402 (A&P II) syllabus

 Download Perrigo's  Biology 4425 (Ornithology) syllabus

 Reproductive Biology of House Mice

 The evolution of a chupacabra

 Biology Field trips on the Research Vessel Katy

 Botfly extracted from Perrigo's hand

 Blackbird Density

 Bad bird behavior: What the ?? It's worse than you think

 Site 55 Biological Research Station

 Game cameras at Site 55: What are we seeing?

 Peruvian Amazon and the Neotropics

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 Wildlife in Focus, the book

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