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Dr. David B. Wester

Professor and Research Scientist

David Wester was born in Denver, Colorado.  A strong interest in natural resources brought him to Colorado State University where he majored in Range and Forest Management as an undergraduate.  An opportunity to be involved in independent research with his undergraduate advisor led him to graduate school.  His graduate work was completed at Texas Tech University.  He studied how patterns of rainfall affect rangeland seeding success in his Master’s thesis.  His PhD research investigated the effectiveness of various quantitative techniques used to describe patterns in natural vegetation in Guadalupe Mountains National Park.  He spent 28 years on the faculty at Texas Tech University in the Department of Natural Resources Management where he taught courses in Range, Forest and Wetland Plant Identification; Synecology; and Experimental Designs and Analysis.  He joined the faculty at Texas A&M University-Kingsville in 2011 as a Quantitative Ecologist. 

Curriculum Vitae


B.S.  in Range-Forest Management, Colorado State University, 1976

M.S.  in Range Science, Texas Tech University, 1979

Ph.D. in Range Science, Texas Tech University, 1984

Research Interests

David’s research interests involve all aspects of plant ecology, both at the individual plant level and at the plant community level.  Recent research efforts have involved extensive collaboration with colleagues in assessing effects of biosolids on Chihuahuan desert rangelands.  This work examined nutrient cycling, effects on forage production, and water quality and erosion implications.  He has also collaborated with fire ecologists in studying effects of wildfire and prescribed fire in the southwest and in Texas where he studied effects on endangered cacti as well as community-level effects in short- and mixed grass prairies.

Outreach and Community Service

David’s outreach and community service activities include working with colleagues and students in designing experiments and analyzing data.   His professional involvement includes manuscript and proposal reviews for various scientific journals.  He maintains an active membership in the Society for Range Management.

Dr. David B. Wester