Texas A&M University-Kingsville

Center for Academic Technology

ITS Support Services

The university offers a multitude of support services for prospective and current students. Below is a listing of department contacts and websites for your convenience.


E-mail: Admissions@tamuk.edu

Web Site: www.tamuk.edu/enrollment-management/admissions

Blackboard Learning Management System

Please refer to the Blackboard Learn student course(s) entitled, "DIST1000_1xx_ DIST How to use Blackboard-UG" or "DIST5000_1xx_ DIST How to use Blackboard-GR" for information on how to use Blackboard Learn. If you cannot access the Blackboard Learning Management System, please contact iTech Support Services / Help Desk with the contact information provided below. 

Web Site: www.tamuk.edu/finance/itech/support

Business Office

E-mail: joanne.macias@tamuk.edu

Web Site: www.tamuk.edu/finance/business-services

Dean of Students

Student Handbook

E-mail: kirsten.compary@tamuk.edu

Web Site: www.tamuk.edu/dean

Javelina Enrollment Services Center (Enrollment Management)

E-mail: jesc@tamuk.edu

Web Site: www.tamuk.edu/enrollment-management/jesc/

Financial Aid

E-mail: financial.aid@tamuk.edu

Web Site: www.tamuk.edu/enrollment-management/finaid

Health & Wellness

Phone: 361-593-3991

Web Site: www.tamuk.edu/shw

ITS Support Services / Help Desk

Phone: 361-593-4357 (Voice for urgent issues, all others please submit ticket online)

Web Site: www.tamuk.edu/finance/itech/support

Student Resources

Web Site: http://www.tamuk.edu/resources/


E-mail: registrar@tamuk.edu

Web Site: www.tamuk.edu/registrar

Offline Services: www.tamuk.edu/registrar/RGAD_RESOURCES