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The Center for Teaching Effectiveness offers TAMUK faculty a variety of resources in support of their teaching. These include workshops on effective teaching strategies, teaching awards, and instructional coaching. In addition, given below, are resources for faculty to use as they construct their syllabi and consider proposing new courses, including those that are writing intensive.

Constructing a syllabus

Texas House Bill (HB) 2504 requires institutions to post online the syllabi for all courses taught each semester. HB 2504 also requires a brief CV of the faculty teaching each course to be available online. In addition, institutions are required to adhere to the digital accessibility standards set forth in Texas Government Code Chapter 2054, Subchapter M, and Title 1 Texas Administrative Code (TAC) Chapters 206B and 213B, which are aligned with federal regulations in Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 (updated in 2018).

Given these requirements, the Center for Teaching Effectiveness has provided templates for faculty to construct digitally accessible course syllabi and CVs. Faculty are expected to use these templates. Syllabi and CVs should be posted in the Blue & Gold Schedule no later than the seventh day after the first day of classes of the academic term during which the course is offered.

Textbook Policy

Availability of Textbooks

Affordability of Textbooks

Videos on the Bane or Benefits of AI and Teaching

Banning AI

Benefits of AI

Teaching Writing in the Discipline

One of the graduation requirements for undergraduate students at TAMUK is to have successfully completed at least one course designated as Writing Intensive (WI), preferably in their major field. Faculty developing new WI courses or converting an existing course into WI, may consult the guidelines for such courses, as well as proposal form, both provided here. A list of current WI courses at our institution is also posted.

Writing Intensive Course Guidelines

Proposal for Writing Intensive Course

Writing Intensive Course Syllabus Checklist

Writing Intensive Courses at TAMU-K

Resources for Teaching Online

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