Center for Teaching Effectiveness


Welcome to the Center for Teaching Effectiveness. The Center was established by the Faculty Senate in 2001 to serve as a resource for faculty through workshops, brown-bag seminars, and discussions. In addition to these activities, the Center today provides professional development support to new faculty, recognizes excellence in teaching, and offers travel awards.

Photo of the Director's Office

Message from the Director's Office

It is a great honor for me to serve as the Director of The Center for Teaching Effectiveness (CTE) at Texas A&M University-Kingsville (TAMUK). In alignment with the mission of TAMUK, the CTE aims to provide faculty development, to enrich the lives of students and faculty through diversified educational activities. In collaboration with new and current faculty, the CTE offers a variety of instructional programs and resources, such as the New Faculty Investment Program (NFIP); the Monday Morning Mentor Series (3Ms); workshop and consultations to enhance the innovation and effectiveness of teaching and learning. The CTE also oversees the awards for excellence in teaching and professional development certification. The CTE values diversity, inclusion, equality and respect to all educators, and welcome diverse perspectives in teaching strategies. The goals are three-folds: 1. advancement of quality education to each the global excellence and veritable leadership of the educators; 2. collaboration with different divisions in our campus, societies and organizations to advance quality education and faculty development; 3. empowerment of young generations with great empathy and responsibility to continuously strive to reach the next milestone and to seek new knowledge and opportunities. Jingbo L. Liu