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Faculty Tool Kit

The Faculty Tool Kit is an online repository designed to provide faculty across campus with quick access to a variety of resources designed to aid them in teaching.  It includes teaching strategies, brief videos that you can share with students, and resources regarding how to handle concern about students’ mental health.

General Teaching Strategies

Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID)

The following documents and links include AVID worksheets and strategies that may assist students in basic learning and study skills.

Association of College and University Educators (ACUE) Strategies

In academic year 2020/2021 a cohort of approximately 30 faculty members embarked on a professional development course offered by the Association of College and University Educators (ACUE).  Here are some quick takeaways offered by Drs. Kevin Frances and Montamas Suntravat: 

Useful Links

Writing Tips

Writing plays an important role in the learning process.  Dr. Steven Corbett, Director of the University Writing Center, has provided Five Quick Tips for teaching writing in your classes.  



Collaborative Learning

The following resources include some guidelines to engage in collaborative learning in the classroom, with a special focus on peer writing models. 

Flipped Classroom

Dr. Lou Reinisch, Provost, has prepared a series of videos on how to create a flipped classroom, where students utilize class time to engage in problem-solving activities, while doing reading outside of the classroom.

Modality Video for Faculty to Place in Blackboard Shells

The following videos have been prepared by the Center for Students Success for faculty use. They include guidelines on how to be successful in various course modalities, as well as practical advice on things like how to email your professor.

Guide to Student Services

Academic Advising

All students are assigned an academic advisor based on their declared degree. 

Academic Collegiate Enhancement

Pathways Academic Assistance Center (PAAC) Tutoring Center

A wide variety of tutoring session; general study skills too. 

University Writing Center

First-Year Seminar

All first-time in college students are registered in a UNIV section.


All freshman students, first-time in college students are assigned to a peer mentor.

Starfish Early Alert and Connect

Student Wellness Services

Student Health & Wellness and Disability Resources Center

Career Services

Student Access