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New Faculty Investment Program

New Faculty Investment Program 2021-2022

Texas A&M University-Kingsville

Fall 2021

The sessions are scheduled on Fridays, from noon to 1:45 p.m. in the Javelina Dining Hall Room 201 (small conference room upstairs). For questions or concerns, please contact Dr. Steven Chumbley, Assistant Director at

NFIP Schedule
Date Topic Facilitators(s)
Aug. 27

Welcome and Overview of the NFIP

The session introduces the Fall program and the 2021-2022 NFIP participants. Through a presentation, we will discuss the program and opportunities this academic year.

Dr. Steven Chumbley, Assistant Director & Dr. Jingbo Liu, Director

Sept. 3

Focus on Our Students:

We will address institutional resources and policies available to support students and faculty, including an overview of the Disability Resources Center and faculty responsibilities in facilitating an inclusive environment.

Antonia Alvarez, Acting Director of Student Affairs

Ms. Christina Rodriguez-Gonzalez, Center for Student Success

Ms. Barbara Collins, Disability Resource Center

Sept. 10

Intercultural Development

We will discuss the culture and our role as faculty as culturally developed leaders at TAMUK. We will be introduced to the Intercultural Development Inventory and the Intercultural Conflict Style Instrument.

Dr. Roberto Vela & Dr. Michelle Johnson Vela, Marco Iniguez, Dept. of Language & Literature

Dr. Christine Reiser Robbins, Department of Psychology & Sociology

Sept. 17

Building Your Tenure Portfolio

We introduce the annual report process, including the timing and format of submission and best practices in faculty activity reporting.

Ms. Diana Luna, Office of Graduate Studies and Sponsored Research

This week you should also be planning which specific CTE trainings you will attend this semester. 

Sept. 24

Building you Tenure Portfolio: Promotion and Tenure Portfolios

Representatives from each college will provide information on the promotion and tenure portfolio process

College Representatives

*You will meet at a location specific to your college.

Oct. 1

Building Your Tenure Portfolio

We discuss some of TAMUK's internal award opportunities to facilitate your research and teaching. It further addresses research compliance protocol at TAMUK.

Ms. Angela Bingham, Office of Graduate Studies and Sponsored Research

Mr. Eutimio Alaniz, Office of Graduate Studies and Sponsored Research

We will also discuss your 5-year research plans

Oct. 8

Intercultural Development

We will go through your individual debriefs and will begin working on your Intercultural Development Plan. We will also discuss your results on the ICS.

Dr. Roberto Vela, Dr. Michelle Johnson Vela & Marco Iniguez, Dept. of Language & Literature

Oct. 15

Faculty Development Day

This week you will be working with your Intercultural Debrief, performing a peer review, attending a CTE event and working on your 5-year research plan.

New Faculty 

Oct. 22

Resources for Faculty: Faculty Travel Procedures 

We will discuss the rules and procedures for professional travel, including traveling with students, travel authorization requirements, and expense reports. We will also discuss the new faculty travel award competition.

New Faculty 

Oct 29


Resources For Faculty:

This session introduces the administrative leadership of the university, including the roles of chairs, deans, vice presidents, the provost and president. It includes a discussion of how policies and budgets are set, and the relationship of the university within the A&M system.

Dr. Lou Reinisch, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

Dr. Jaya Goswami, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs

Nov. 5

Faculty Development Day

This week you will be working on your Intercultural Debrief, attending a CTE event, performing a peer review and working on your 5-year research plan.


New Faculty

Nov. 12

Teaching Resources for Faculty:

Introduction to Instructional Technologies at TAMU-K (Office of Distance Learning)

An introduction to the instructional technology platforms available at TAMU-K, tips for incorporating instructional technologies in your teaching, and opportunities for instructional technology training at TAMU-K.

Dr. Rolando Garza, Director of Distance Learning and Instructional Technology

Mr. Oscar Villarreal, Educational Technologist

Nov. 19

Mentor and NFIP Luncheon

This session brings together NFIP participants and their mentors as we begin to wind down and reflect on the first semester.

 Dr. Chumbley (NFIP/Asst. CTE), Dr. Liu (Director of CTE)

At this event, we will discuss your 5-year research plans, peer evaluations and experience within the CTE trainings.

Nov. 26th

Thanksgiving Break


Dec. 3rd

Faculty will use this week to complete class and begin successful final exams

New Faculty


NFIP Developmental Activities


During the Fall semester participants will be asked to complete a variety of development activities that will help them in their growth as a successful faculty member. The following is description of each activity that we are asking you to complete:


  1. Complete the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) and the Intercultural Conflict Scale (ICS) instrument. We will initiate and facilitate a global, grounded conversation across groups to increase peoples capacity to better understand culture and to develop culturally responsive strategies for engaging our differences. This will include completion of the Intercultural Development plan after an IDI debrief.


  1. Peer Evaluation Teams: This activity will require you (with an assigned partner) to arrange dates for you to visit and observe the others’ classes. The primary objective is to provide the observer with a formative experience.  The process of observing other teachers, in diverse disciplines, will encourage self-reflection about his/her own teaching on the part of the observer. Our goal is also to encourage discussion about teaching methodologies, classroom management and an opportunity to development collaborative relationships across campus.


  1. Five Year Research Plan: This opportunity is designed to guide new, tenure-track faculty members to the successful launch of their research programs. The transition to academia can be particularly daunting for new faculty members and planning is key to future success. Faculty will develop a 5-year plan outline to guide successful publication, presentation, and grant writing goals.


  1. Attend Two Center for Teaching Effectiveness (CTE) Workshops: The CTE aims to provide faculty development, to enrich the lives of students and faculty through diversified educational activities. In collaboration with new and current faculty, the CTE offers a variety of instructional programs and resources. NFIP members will be asked to attend two CTE trainings during the course of the semester.


  1. Faculty Development Meetings: Throughout the semester, we will provide the opportunity for NFIP members to meet in a less formal environment and get to know each other better. These informal meetings are hosted at various locations off-campus. We encourage you to attend and get to know other members of the faculty and each other. We look forward to you working with you as a valued member of the Javelina family.