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Monday Morning Mentor Series

Spring 2022 Schedule
20-Minute Mentor Series

Each week a new webinar is available in either a face-to-face (F2F) or virtual, self-directed format. Face-to-face session (available from 12:00 to 1:00 p.m.) will have lunch provided for the first 6 attendees. Information to each week's program will be posted on JNET Announcements. 
MMS Schedule
Date Title Facilitator(s) Session Location
Jan. 17 How Can I Build an Antiracist Syllabus? Self-Directed Virtual
Jan. 26 How Can I Plan (or Revise) My Courses More Efficiently? Dr. Apurba Bhattacharya, Department of Chemistry Javelina Dining Hall Room 201
Jan. 31 How do I Structure Virtual Office Hours to Promote Student Use?


Feb. 10 How Do I Create a Class that Supports First Year Student? Dr. Timothy Oblad, Department of Psychology & Sociology

Sam Fore Hall
Blue Room

Feb. 14 What is Different About Teaching Online, and How Do I Change So My Students Succeed? Self-Directed Virtual
Feb. 23 How Can Disruptive Innovation Impact STEM Education? Jonan P. Donaldson Javelina Dining Hall Room 201
Feb. 28 How Can I Access Students in My Online Classes through Student-created Videos? Self-Directed Virtual
Mar. 10 What Are Practical Solutions for Managing My Online Teaching Workload? Dr. Montamas Suntravat, Department of Chemistry Javelina Dining Hall Room 201
Mar. 14 How Can I Write Better Exam Questions to Measure Student Performance and Learning? Self-Directed Virtual
Mar. 23 What Are Active Strategies for Structuring a Synchronous Class? Dr. Brian Menaker, Department of Health and Kinesiology Javelina Dining Hall Room 201
Mar. 28 What Are Three Proven Ways to Manage My Online Discussion Board and Actively Engage Students? Self-Directed Virtual
Apr. 7 How Can I Use Microactivities to Engage Students and Improve Learning and Retention? Dr. Elizabeth Janzen, Department of Music Javelina Dining Hall Room 201
Apr. 11 How Can Online Instructors Make Themselves More Visible to Students? Self-Directed Virtual
Apr. 20 How Can I Be a More Productive and Effective Teacher? Dr. Habib Ammari, Department of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science Javelina Dining Hall Room 201
Apr. 25 How Can I Redesign a Classroom Assignment for Online Teaching? Self-Directed Virtual
May 2 What Culturally Responsive Teaching Techniques Can I Use to Improve Learning? Self-Directed Virtual

For more information about the sessions, please contact Dr. Jingbo Liu at