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Office of International Studies & Programs

Study Abroad

Study Abroad Frequently Asked Questions

A passport is required while traveling abroad. Passports usually take 4-8 weeks to be processed. It is recommended that you apply for a passport at least 3 months prior to departure to avoid any delays. Please visit our Passport page for more information.

The Office of International Studies & Programs (OISP) provides students who are interested in studying abroad a checklist of all the requirements necessary for studying abroad.

OISP has a Study Abroad Scholarship available every Fall and Spring. We also encourage students to research other funding available along with conducting their own fundraiser.

Yes, however, your Financial Aid award is determined by the Financial Aid Office.

Once the final details of the program have been finalized and the program account has been set up by the Business Office, you will receive an email from OISP stating you may start making payments.

Once you receive an email from OISP stating you are able to make payments, you will need to visit OISP to obtain an invoice. Once you have received an invoice you will need to go to the Business Office to make a payment. After the payment, you will need to provide OISP with a copy of the receipt. To avoid any issues, make sure to retain a copy of all receipts and provide OISP with a copy.

You can study anywhere around the world! We recommend you research your country of interest to verify if the country is under any travel warnings.

You can study abroad 3 ways:
  • Faculty Led Program: A study abroad program that is taught by a TAMUK Faculty. Usually, the class will be taught at TAMUK for 2 weeks and then taught in the specified country for the remaining weeks.
  • Individual Program: A study abroad program for only one student. The student will travel to the specified country and study at the specified university.
  • Internship: An internship that is set up with by ____