Study Abroad

Faculty Led Programs

Faculty Led Programs

Faculty-led programs are university-approved, academic courses that include an opportunity for students to study abroad while earning university credit. By design, faculty leading these types of courses integrate learning opportunities gained through a study abroad experience within the academic content to provide a very structured, and enriching international experience. Some faculty also open the non-credit registration option to allow individuals not wanting to earn the academic credit to be able to apply to their faculty-led program.  

Benefits of Faculty-Led Programs:

  • Typically short-term (Intersessions, fall, spring, or summer semester). 
  • TAMUK credit is already specified - you are taking an actual TAMUK course, just abroad.
  • Students travel with a group of their peers and a TAMUK faculty leader(s).
  • It is often more affordable and eligible for assistance through Financial Aid. 
  • Great first step for more timid students interested in study abroad who are looking for a cohort-type program.

Program locations, deadlines, and course offerings vary from program to program and from year to year, so please check our online platform Via-TRM for the most up-to-date information regarding our programs. 

The Office of International Studies & Programs coordinates about 20 faculty-led programs each year. They are TAMUK sponsored programs led by TAMUK faculty and designed around specific courses in accordance with the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB) policies. While faculty-led programs are primarily offered during the summer semester, there are several that take place during the fall and spring semesters, and some that go abroad during the winter and spring intersessions. Individuals are encouraged to start the application process early as most programs have limited availability. 

The total cost to attend a TAMUK faculty-led programs should include the following:

  1. Study Abroad Fee: The non-refundable Study Abroad Fee is applicable to any TAMUK student or non-credit program participant attending a study abroad program. 
  2. Program Cost: The program cost includes all of the direct expenses of services provided during a program which includes but not limited to the following; Roundtrip Airfare, Lodging, Transportation (domestic & in-country), Excursions, and Meals (depending on program structure developed by the faculty leader). 
  3. Additional Costs: Additional costs are separate expenses associated to the faculty-led program which includes but not limited to the following; TAMUK tuition & fees (students only), passport and/or visa application fees, and personal expenses