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Study Abroad

Faculty Led Programs

Timeline of Procedures for Faculty-Led Programs

  1. Start building the preliminary information for your program which includes but not limited to the following:
    • Program location(s)
    • Semester to be held and tentative travel dates
    • Associated academic course and content
    • If you will be working with a provider or international partner for logistical arrangements related to the program 
  2. Apply for a Passport!: Click here for application procedures. Submit your DS-11 application directly with the Office of International Studies & Programs, as we are an approved Passport Acceptance Facility. We also recommend reviewing the VISA and immunizations requirements for the proposed country(ies) of the program. Please visit the Department of State's website for a specific country's requirements. Faculty will also need to verify if there are any active travel warnings on the locations/countries they are planning for the program.
  3. Meet with Department Chair: Meet with the department chair associated with the academic course for preliminary approval to host a faculty-led program. This is important as academic departments are responsible for reviewing and endorsing all academic components of the proposed program including course subject matter, instructional methods, syllabus, tentative program budget, and faculty pay. A faculty-led program/academic course follows the same registered student requirement as an on-campus course, which is ten (10) for an undergraduate course and five (5) for a graduate-level course. Discuss with the chair what the course registration requirement is through that college and the options available if the course does not meet them. Please refer to the Department Chair/College Dean Proposal Review Guidelines for more information.
  4. Service-Learning Grants: A service-learning mini-grant may be available for TAMUK faculty-led programs. If the program integrates citizenship values into education by involving the student in community service, as a requirement, contact the Office of Associate Vice-President for Academic Affairs for detailed information. If awarded, monies from this mini-grant can be used to support the service-learning project.
  5. Meet with OISP: Once preliminary approval is received by the college, a prospective Faculty Leader's next step is to schedule a meeting with the Office of International Studies & Programs (OISP) to initiate the process of holding a faculty-led program with TAMUK. During this meeting, OISP will review the procedures involved with the process as well as gather the preliminary information in regards to the program.
  6. Complete Faculty-Led Program Proposal Packet: Begin working on the Faculty-Led Program Proposal packet which includes the following forms: faculty-led program proposal application and course syllabus. OISP can assist with this process if needed. Submit the completed packet to the department chair to begin routing for approval. Please refer to the Department Chair/College Dean Proposal Review Guidelines for more information.
  7. Submit Program Proposal to OISP: Completed proposal packets for faculty-led programs are to be submitted through the Via-TRM platform during the academic year prior to the program start date. Packets are to be uploaded to OISP no later than November 1st for Winter Intersession semester and April 1st for Spring/Summer semesters.
  8. Receive Approval from President All program proposal packets received by OISP after the approval of the hosting department/college, the proposal will be submitted to the President's Office for final review and approval. Please note, request for President's approval of new or recurring programs can only be submitted twice within an academic year (fall or spring).
  9. Receive Letter of Approval from OISP: Once the faculty-led proposal has received final approval by the President, OISP will issue a "Letter of Approval" to the Faculty, Department Chair and Dean's office. The "Letter of Approval" will also include the "Course Approval Form" to be signed by all recipients to finalize the process. 

  1. Program Logistics: After receiving the "Letter of Approval", faculty leaders will begin working to prepare all program logistics (airfare, lodging, transportation, excursions, etc.) Faculty Leaders should start to initiate collaborations between vendors, program providers, and/or host institutions to discuss potential agreements for services proved to the program. In doing so, Faculty Leaders are responsible to keep OISP administrative staff involved in the communication efforts. As per university policy, service contracts can only be signed by designated TAMUK employees and will need to be sent to OISP for review and to receive the appropriate approval prior to entering an agreement with a vendor, program provider and/host institutions. OISP can also assist the Faculty Leader in initiating services for their programs if needed.
  2. Program Application Process: The program the approved faculty-led program will be opened until the designated registration deadline for that semester (see below chart) or once the airfare After that time, no additional students are able to join the program for risk management purposes. OISP will meet with Faculty Leaders thirty (30) days prior to the registration deadline to review the current enrollment standing and discuss options available for the program at that time
    • Winter Intersession Registration Deadline : October 1st
    • Spring II Registration Deadline: January 1st
    • Summer Registration Deadline: April 1st
  3. Recruitment of Students: Faculty Leaders are encouraged to begin the recruitment process at this time. For best practices on recruiting for the program at our campus, please refer to the "Faculty-Led Program Marketing Guide for Faculty" for detailed information.

  1. Complete Online Trainings: Faculty Leaders are required to complete the following online training programs thru TrainTraq:"TAMUK Travel Policy Training" (Course #2112567), "Export Controls & Embargo Training-Basic Course" (Course #211212), "Safe Passage Presentation" (Course #2111728), and "U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act" (Course #2113639). You will also need to complete the "Harassment & Discrimination Prevention" course online through JNET. Trainings must be completed on an annual basis and within the same academic year of the program.
  2. Apply for or Renew Travel Card: Apply or renew TAMUK Travel Card with Travel Services. Purchases for the program can only be made by the faculty leader's travel card, wire transfer and/or cash advance (if budget allows). OISP is unable to make any travel purchases via credit card on the program's behalf. 

  1. Complete Export Control Requirements: Begin the Export Controls requirements for all international travel requests through TAMUK. Faculty Leaders will need to submit the appropriate forms related to the program directly to the Office of International Studies & Programs for processing. Please allow time for this initial step as it is necessary to be able to submit the travel request in Concur. 
  2. Submit Travel Request in Concur:
    • Once the faculty-led program's registration has closed and the academic course associated with the program has met the college's registration requirement, Faculty Leaders will need to submit the travel request through Concur as per university policy. All international travel requests must be approved in Concur at least 30 days prior to departure and include the completed Export Controls documentation to be attached to the request.
    • To initiate the request in Concur, click the “+New” button located at the top of the screen and select the “Start a new request” option from the drop-down menu.   
    • On the "Request Header" tab, list the "Traveler Classification" as Student-Foreign Travel (unless U.S. Territory, then list Students-Domestic Travel); "Traveler Type" as Faculty with Students, and the "Student Travel Activity Type" as Study Abroad. For the "Department/Sub-Department" list (INTL) “International Programs” and under "Account", select the assigned account for the program that is listed on the "Letter of Approval".
    • Under the "Expenses" tab on the request, Faculty Leaders will only list the line items from the approved program budget that will need to be paid for on the travel card. The monies will be encumbered from the account once the travel request has been approved and could limit the amount of funds available for wire transfers and/or cash advances.
    • On the “Approval Flow” tab, Faculty Leaders will need to add the department chair and dean to the Cost Object Approval section by selecting the far-right plus sign button titled “Add a step before this step”. It is important that this step is completed as the request will automatically include the department chair and dean due to a study abroad account being used. If a request does not have those individuals listed, then the request will be returned to be resubmitted correctly. OISP can assist Faculty Leaders with this process if needed. 
    • The final step prior to the submission of the request will be to attach the completed Export Controls documentation for this travel. To attach the documents, click on the “Attachments” button on the top right of the screen and select “attach documents”. This will prompt the Document Upload and Attach box where you will upload the documents to be attached to the request. Once completed, you will be able to submit the request for approval.
  3. Submit Low-Enrollment Request Form: If a faculty-led program has students registered but does not meet the minimum course requirement by the program registration deadline, the faculty will need to submit the Request to Offer Low Enrollment Class form for approval along with an updated program budget worksheet (section II only) must be submitted to continue with the program. If approved, faculty leaders will then submit the travel request for the program.
  4. Finalize Reservations and Vendor Payments: Begin finalizing reservations and vendor payments for the approved program. Work with OISP to process payments via wire transfer for vendor services as this can take some time to complete. It is the Faculty Leader's responsibility to ensure expenditures do not go over the approved budget for the program. If a program budget begins going into a deficit, it is the Faculty Leader's responsibility to adjust the expenditures or secure additional funding from their department and/or other outside resources to balance the account.

  1. Pre-Departure Orientations: Faculty Leaders will be responsible for scheduling at least one (1) program specific orientation for the registered student to the program at least two (2) weeks prior to the departure date. During this orientation, Faculty Leaders will need to review their flight schedules, program itineraries and all other in-country logistics for the faculty-led programs. An OISP representative can attend the meeting upon request.
  2. Pre-Departure Meeting with OISP: Two weeks prior to departure, OISP will schedule a program pre-departure meeting for a complete overview of the risk management policy and procedures for faculty-led programming. The meeting will also review the current financial standing of the program and initiate the documentation for cash advances if applicable.

  1. Reconcile Monies: As per university policy, reconciliation for cash advances must be submitted to Travel Services along with any remaining monies on or before the fourth (4) day after the return of the program.
  2. Evaluate Program with OISP: Faculty Leaders and OISP will meet for a program debriefing to complete a program evaluation and to review the program account reconciliation process after the return of the program to campus.