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2019-2020 Faculty-Led Programs
Destination Faculty Leader(s) Semester: Travel Dates
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Dr. Christine Fiestas

Dr. Eric Swartz

Winter Intersession 2021 CSDO 5330  TBA TBA 10/1/2021 Facebook Page
Austria Dr. Joseph Jones Spring 2022 MUSI 4309 TBA TBA 1/1/2022 Facebook Page
Germany  Dr. Hans Schumann Summer 2022 MKTG 4395  TBA TBA 4/1/2022  
Italy & Greece Dr.Thomas Spencer Summer 2022 HIST 4397  TBA TBA 4/1/2022
Puerto Rico  Dr. Maria Hernandez-Velez Summer 2022 BIOL 4410/5302  TBA TBA 4/1/2022 Facebook Page
Amsterdam Dr. Nick Sciullo Summer 2022 COMM 4316  TBA TBA 4/1/2022



Taiwan Dr. Monica Ratcliff Summer 2022 EDED 4328 TBA TBA 4/1/2022  
France Dr. Elizabeth Janzen Summer 2022 MUSI 4309 TBA TBA 4/1/2022  
Nepal  Dr. Robert Schneider Summer 2022 GEOL 4395 TBA TBA 4/1/2022  YouTube
*Program Costs does not include Study Abroad Fee.