Project Goals

Our project advances the goals of the HSI Education Grants program through the development and implementation of the innovative "Wheels of Change" model which has the potential to become an exemplary educational model for other institutions that serve underrepresented students, at the regional or national level.  Specifically, we plan to:

  • Recruit, train, retain and graduate at least 50 UG students, 5 MS students and 1 Ph.D. student in the areas of Sustainable Energy and Natural Resource Management.
  • Enhance the quality of postsecondary instruction through innovative teaching methods that promote access to powerful collaborative learning through real-life problem solving.
  • Amplify the agricultural narrative among the STEM careers.
  • Increase College Opportunity for minority students by providing guidance and support needed to transition to a 4-year institution.
  • Provide opportunities and access to agricultural, renewable energy, and natural resource management careers.
  • Involve students and faculty in Persistent Engagement (PE) activities that support the academic development and career attainment of underrepresented students.

This page was last updated on: June 9, 2016